Steve Bannon Describes How the Withering Fire of the Right Is Going to Force Biden to Answer Questions


Live from Virginia Tuesday morning on The John Fredericks Show –  weekdays on WNTW AM 820/ FM 92.7 – Richmond, WJFN FM 100.5 – Central Virginia, WMPH AM 1010 / FM 100.1 / FM 96.9 (7-9 PM) Hampton Roads, WBRG AM 1050 / FM 105.1 – Lynchburg/Roanoke and Weekdays 6-10 am and 24/7 Stream –  host Fredericks welcomed political strategist Steve Bannon to the show to describe how the time has come for Joe Biden to explain emails and ties to the Chinese.

Fredericks: Joining us now, Stephen K. Bannon of War Room Pandemic. 10 to noon on John Frederick’s Radio Network. Monday to Saturday also on AVN Live, The Dish Channel 219, Newsmax, 11 to midnight. Steve great to have you, man. I was excited to have you on today especially. Thank you.

Bannon: Always an honor John. And thank you. Tomorrow, John Fredericks is a pretty important day. You know what tomorrow is?

Fredericks: What?

Bannon: The one-year anniversary of the starting of the War Room on the John Frederick Radio Network one year ago tomorrow.

Fredericks: No kidding.

Bannon: We launched one year tomorrow. Dan the producer told me yesterday we’re gonna do a very special show tomorrow. I think he may have a very special co-host that we’re gonna have to ask you to join us. And we’re gonna really kick it off. War Room Impeachment started one year ago tomorrow. And the show has metastasized and has become I think it’s the biggest show in the world.

Fredericks: That’s the biggest show in the world. Look there’s no question. And it was visionary what you and I did. I remember. I don’t want to eat up time here but Steve and I talked on a Sunday afternoon at (Bannon laughs) one o’clock exactly it was just before one of the football games came on we talked to like 12:30 and in one day. That was on Tuesday. That show going live across the nation set up at the Breitbart Embassy there, you.

Bannon: You produced the whole entire thing. Your Richmond team was amazing we launched it within 24 hours.

Fredericks: 24 hours and we launched it.

Bannon: And Brian Kolfage says it’s nonsense with the southern district of New York the reason we could launch nationally is that all the work that Brian Kolfage had done for me that basically can provide a platform that I had at Breitbart that we did that we needed much smaller. But we were able to launch a national show with The John Frederick Radio Network. And what we had done on Facebook and other things. Able to launch it in that tiny show with the content. It’s all about content.

Fredericks: The content is king. I drove to Richmond because I was at home that day in Virginia Beach. I drove to Richmond. I scoured up whatever microphones…

Bannon: It was amazing.

Fredericks: and other loose equipment I had. Then I went to my studio in Washington I took stuff out of there. I piecemealed the whole thing together. Put the network in. We got the internet up in one day and that was all done on Monday. We did a test on Monday, and then Tuesday at 10:00. Actually no. It was that 9 a.m Tuesday that we went live. (Chuckles) That’s pretty good.

Bannon: No. It just shows you what an entrepreneur you are. But listen we never would never think that two weeks out because we’re two weeks out from game day. That this uh you know your deplorables channel, which you’ve become I think the best. I tell people if you want to see all of the world, journalists comments. If you want to see what the deplorables are thinking, listen to John Fredericks and listen to his callers.

Fredericks: Thank you.

Bannon: Because that’s what Breitbart Radio used to be. I said John Fredericks has got it. He’s got his hand on the pulse. And just listen to it. I gotta tell you I’ve never had a foreign journalist or I’ve never had a national journalist come back and say I think you’re wrong. Everybody says it’s amazing because you get
all kinds of misdirection plays by the mainstream media. If you want to hear what people are thinking about want to hear where they are.

Here’s what I think is important today. Joe Biden peaked three weeks too early. And now he’s in the witness protection program. Why is he in the witness protection program? Because we dropped these emails on him at the exactly perfect time. Now if we’d had the debate last week it would have been more perfect but be that as may, these things have traumatized the Biden campaign. He is now in a witness protection program. Okay? He is traumatized.

They can’t respond to it. They’re letting their media praetorian guard out there saying it’s a Russian ops. Everybody knows that’s nonsense. That’s fading away even as we speak. They’re going to have to confront more emails. They’re going to confront emails from other people. We’re going to have Matthew Tyrmand on today. He’s a fabulous investigative journalist. He’s been working with Peter Schweizer and Jack Posobiec over at One America.

They have a trove of 26,000 emails and a guy, I think his name is Bevan Cooney who’s a former business partner of Hunter Biden who’s flipped. Completely flipped. And Tyrmand’s been talking to him in federal prison I think for the last couple of years. He’s going to be on the show today. There are all types of new documents out there. Off of the hard drive.

You’re going to see media companies coming out with stories in the next 24 to 48 hours for the debate on Thursday that show that these guys are having meetings and in business with Chinese Communist Party intelligence assets or intelligence operatives. This is not about a drug problem or a wayward son. This is about a father who knowingly allowed this to happen and was part of it. Joe Biden has to answer these questions. Not about Hunter Biden.

People don’t care about Hunter Biden. People care about Joe Biden. Joe Biden wants to be commander-in-chief. Joe Biden wants to be the chief magistrate of the United States. Joe Biden wants to be president of the United States. He is going to have to stand and deliver on Thursday night in front of the whole nation with Donald Trump beating him about the head and shoulders about this.

He’s going to have to answer every one of these emails and every one of these allegations. And he better be on point. I get to tell you, unlike Hillary Clinton who I always called a hard target, he’s a soft target. Hillary Clinton whether you like her hate her had been through 20 years of the right all over her. Okay, she was ready. She was game ready. And she couldn’t even take the withering fire we put on her. Joe Biden is soft. He’s never been touched in 47 years.

He’s up in Delaware and never really had an opponent. In the Obama years, it was President Obama taking the heat, not Joe Biden. Joe Biden glides. He’s a glad-hander. Now for the first time in his life with three weeks to go in a presidential campaign he’s getting the withering fire that the right can put on him with documents. With information that he’s not prepared for. His campaign staff has been a disaster.

They kept putting him on TV on Sunday with this host for Fox Sunday. It’s a master class. He teaches a master class and how to not let people spin. But asks direct questions and not let them off the hook. The young woman is on there and completely melts down. Basically says yes the emails are authentic. They pulled her from TV and she’s gonna be on the bench until after the campaign. But you’re seeing that they peaked and Trump is starting to surge. And let me give be very specific. Politico‘s got a story today about Corey and Bossie and some other guys helping out on 16, it’s fine. What’s relevant is the buried lead about 10 paragraphs down.

Bob Paduchik who ran Ohio for us in ’16. He knows Ohio better than anybody. He was the guy that was the first guy to tell me to come back, we got this. And when Paduchick tells it, you can take that to the bank and cash it. He’s saying right now you don’t need to come back to Ohio. This is so important. What Trump is doing is he is now surging in the areas of the states you need to surge in. He’s surging in Florida. In Pennsylvania. And the Biden is not structurally set up to run a campaign. They’re running a 1996 model where you buy a bunch of TV advertising. Van Jones laid it out last night. He’s a smart guy whether you like it or not.

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