Steve Bannon Explains the Biden Business Model of the Political Class, China’s Threat, and Information Warfare


Live from Virginia Wednesday morning on The John Fredericks Show –  live weekdays on WNTW AM 820/ FM 92.7 – Richmond, WJFN FM 100.5 – Central Virginia, WMPH AM 1010 / FM 100.1 / FM 96.9 (7-9 PM) Hampton Roads, WBRG AM 1050 / FM 105.1 – Lynchburg/Roanoke and Live Weekdays 6-10 am and 24/7 Stream –  host Fredericks welcomed political strategist Steve Bannon to the show.

During the show, Bannon discusses how the Biden’s family business model and their relationship to China has left them compromised and posing a national security threat to the United States. He also urged listeners to vote and volunteer at polling centers and to be vigilant against the information warfare that is upon us by China’s number one weapon, social media.

Fredericks: Joining us now Steve great to have you, man.

Bannon: Thanks, John. Good to be on.

Fredericks: Let’s start with the Tony Bobulinski interview on Tucker Carlson yesterday. Does this finally break the silence of the fake news?

Bannon: Listen I don’t think it does. I mean it was so stunning to hear this and the allegations and the Biden lies. I mean this is now to remember I say there are no conspiracies but they’re also no coincidences. This is why Biden’s been off the campaign trail virtually. Except for three or four very small events with no real press avails since The New York Post broke this story now almost two weeks ago. And last night you saw it because the Bidens have no answers for this.

And quite frankly this guy walked through in detail just the outright lies Joe Biden told. Remember this is not about Hunter Biden. This is about Joe Biden. And really Bobulinski summed it up last night when he said they’re compromised by the Chinese Communist Party. Two things happened here today. Raheem Kassam in the hard drive finally started getting into the audio and released Hunter Biden talking about how Patrick Ho and this Chairman Ye of the Chinese Energy Company were Chinese spies and these guys knew it.

I mean he was actually talking on the phone with somebody and he self-recorded himself and put it on his computer. And he’s very blatantly talking about Patrick Ho is the chief of Chinese spies and how Chairman Ye is a Chinese intelligence asset just openly. And then we found from Bobulinski last night that Hunter Biden was the personal lawyer you know that signed a million-dollar retainer to be the personal lawyer to Chairman Ye someone he thought was a member of the Chinese intelligence.

The revelations are so stunning. But here’s the thing for the audience. I think we’re entering a period of real danger. I talked to some of the biggest grassroots conservative organizations last night and they’re already telling me that they’re not able to communicate on Facebook like they would because Facebook won’t take any ads. They cut that whole thing of cutting it down 10 days before the before election day. And if you look at the mainstream media last night because I know most of these guys none of the mainstream media touched Bobulinski’s interview at all.

You don’t see CNN. You don’t see MSNBC. You don’t see NBC News, The New York Times, or The Wall Street Journal. Complete silence. Whether you love Trump or hate Trump, this is major news and I gotta tell you because this is not gonna go away. Whether President Trump wins re-election next Tuesday or the Biden forces are able to steal it somehow, the revelations that Bobulinski went through are gonna go far past November 3.

I mean this shows a major major major breakdown of American intelligence. American national security. This is one of the things I’ve been harping on for a long time. How can people focus on Russia and how can they just go Russia Russia Russia when China is an existential threat? The Chinese have infiltrated every part of American life with their cash. The Chinese Communist Party. Whether it’s Wall Street or whether it’s corporate America.

Whether it’s our cultural institutions. Whether it’s the Vatican or now the permanent political class. And you absolutely see the brains of the operation of Joe Biden’s brother James Biden who literally has an industry set up to monetize access to a vice president of the United States and a potential president of the United States. And when confronted by the guy who’s supposed to be the outward-facing guy in running this, the guy really the honest guy who’s they put in an interview and make sure that he’s the guy that can actually get things done. And he’s a former Naval officer with very high-security clearance.

He asked James one time he says how do you know with all that you’re doing? How do you expect to get not get dinged by the intelligence community with this? And James Biden says plausible deniability. Plausible deniability is a haunting term that is the term that came right from the tapes of Watergate. That was the entire situation Richard Nixon did not finish his second term. The whole concept there was plausible deniability which is a term of art for people in positions of authority to have just enough room to be able to spin away from what their actions are.

So Biden has now shown I think the last two weeks because of the hard drive and because of the 26,000 emails that Peter Schweizer’s coming out with because of the Bobulinski affidavit and others just say it’s a family that for many years and this is what the permanent political class does. This to me is a great lesson because I keep saying there’s no conspiracy this is the business model. This is how the system works. And you’re seeing how the system works.

I think you’re starting to see people being shocked. There was a thing on Tick-Tock last night of a young woman who you know she’s got blue hair and she’s on a plane and I’ll send it to you John. But she says she finally she hates Trump, has always hated Trump. Thought when Trump was elected in ’16 it was the end of America and she just announced she had voted for Donald Trump.

And she said you know everything that came out on this laptop everything she’s seen about Biden she just can’t support a guy that looks like it has as much corruption plus all these personal family problems and all these issues. So it’s definitely getting huge traction. It’s the number one story even with the suppression and suppression because of the Streisand effect which is you know what you try to cover up on the internet actually gets a bigger audience.

It’s out everywhere. That being said uh that being said you don’t see the mainstream media covering this at all. In fact, last night after those massive revelations of Joe Biden just lying to the American people and using his office for personal gain. And not just that. It’s not just the personal gain it’s actually being in business with people that they know are enemies of the United States. The Chinese Communist Party at the highest levels.

To know that the media won’t cover it. Trust me ladies and gentlemen next Tuesday is going to be something unique in American history so strap in. The oligarchs and Silicon Valley are going to be against you. The mainstream media is going against you. I mean CNN and these guys right now are not even making any pretense of objectivity. This is pure information warfare at its highest and most brutal levels. So I would be prepared to be strapped in next week.

Fredericks: We’re gonna do an event in Richmond between now and Friday where you can come down and basically outline this. and you know invite the media. They’re not going to come. You know we’ll get The Virginia Star there. But Steve is there going to be accounting in fact that we have it now a free media in the country that’s deciding not to cover the story because it hurts their candidate? And doing it in conjunction with each other. It’s everybody. It’s USA Today. It’s Gannett. It’s The McClatchy. It’s The Washington Post. The New York Times. The Tribune Company everybody. MSNBC. Everybody!

Bannon: There’s no more right and left really there’s no more conservative and progressive. You’re now getting I think the point of you’re seeing populist-nationalist versus globalist and what you have is the corporate media is is is the propaganda wing or the information wing of the globalist program. And this is not a conspiracy it’s just the way the system works and they’re not prepared to give it up.

And they’re particularly not prepared to give it up to people that they think are not worthy of it not smart enough and that would be the deplorables. Or Lao Beijing and China. This is why we do this broadcast to try to unite these people and understand the commonality of their existence. And the commonality of the potential. The commonality of the nobility. And the commonality that we’ve got to win. But here’s any way you’re going to change it.

You’re going to have to win. If you win you’ve got a chance to change it. If you don’t win you’re going to have to have a resistance movement that is really going to have to hunker down. But I can tell you over the last three weeks, I don’t think we’ve had better tells from the oligarchs and Silicon Valley have in mind. And now their combination with the mainstream media.

It’s very haunting that I think a month and a half ago on one of my shows, Miles Gross said he listed the five weapons that the CCP has which is one of the most powerful entities on earth. Huge military. He said their number one weapon is social media. Working with these Chinese ex-patriots over the past couple of weeks Americans would find most chilling. These people to a degree have eyes of wonder and look of freedom and democracy and this is what they are aiming for to turn China into.

I’ve had so many of those people working so hard from Australia, to New Zealand to the United States tell me that the firewall in America is almost as powerful as the firewall in China. They see this information is out there and the mainstream media that won’t cover it. Social media won’t promote it. Twitter takes down Kayleigh McEnany and the people at the White House. They have these people on President Trump’s Twitter saying the information is not correct. But people have to understand that what we are heading into is going to be a very rough ride…

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