Former Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani Tells John Fredericks, ‘There Is Something Seriously Wrong with Christopher Wray’


Live from Virginia Thursday morning on The John Fredericks Show –  weekdays on WNTW AM 820/ FM 92.7 – Richmond, WJFN FM 100.5 – Central Virginia, WMPH AM 1010 / FM 100.1 / FM 96.9 (7-9 PM) Hampton Roads, WBRG AM 1050 / FM 105.1 – Lynchburg/Roanoke and Weekdays 6-10 am and 24/7 Stream –  host Fredericks welcomed President Trump’s attorney, former mayor Rudy Giuliani to the show.

During the show, Giuliani weighed in on the Hunter Biden hard drive that was held back by Christopher Wray and how the mainstream media is in on the conspiracy to take down the United States and that ‘it makes McCarthyism look mild.’

Fredericks: Joining me now, the former mayor, New York City. Also the lawyer for President Donald Trump and a big fan of the John Frederick show. But on many times Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Mr. Mayor man, It’s great to have you back sir.

Giuliani: It’s great to be back. I’m glad that you and Bannon are doing that show on election night. That’s good luck. It is good luck. I’m a little superstitious on election nights.

Fredericks: And we went well, you know, what is it about elections and they agree with that. In fact, we did the same thing in 2016. And he said well your wife was there and you’ve got to get her to come up. Everything has got to be the exact same. So I’m like Ann, you got to come to Washington and help do a show with Steve Bannon. (Giuliani laughs) Steve Bannon is worse than you are for superstition. But we got a lot to talk about Mr. Mayor. But I want to first I mean I want to first get to all of the great news we’re getting right now in state after state Trump is surging. How do you feel sir about the next five days?

Giuliani: Well, I feel very good about it. You know, I’ve been through many elections. So I never take anything for granted. I feel better than I did in 2016. I feel the enthusiasm is greater. I think the support is I mean that they supported much more solid. The people who support him are going to walk through walls for him. I think we’ve been gaining a lot in the last 10 days whether it’s the hard drive that despite the fact that they’re censoring it people are learning about it. Maybe the fact that censoring is making it even worse from their point of view.

But the news today and there’s today should reelect any incumbent president. The economy just grew by a record rate. We were predicting depression about five months ago. The whole pandemic now, we’re down only 3.5 percent. We’ve grown at 33 percent. In other words, one-third of our economy has zoomed right up.

Were just a few points away from where we were last year. That’s ridiculous!  It’s ridiculous! Nobody could do this. And we’ve got kind four or five states that are in a virtual progressive Democrat shutdown. My state New York. I mean the poor restaurants are still operating only 20 percent. The disease now, people don’t die of it at anywhere near the rates they did five months ago.

The rates are kind of normal for any disease. So when you hear all these cases it’s a ridiculous thing to react to. It would appear as if I said a lot of flu this week. Very few people now thank God are going to die from this. We now have therapeutics. We know the age group. It affects and the in the age group that doesn’t affect. People get cured out in the number of days that President Trump got cured.

I have four friends they’re over the age of 70. They both got it. They were better in four days. And one of them has only one lung. This is a different disease. And the economy should re-elect him hands down. Now if you need any other than the other possibility it’s that Joe Biden would be a disaster. He’s a crook. He’s always been a dummy. And now he has dementia. I mean what else do you want? (Fredericks chuckles)

Fredericks: It’s like the toxic trifecta.

Giuliani: Even before the end he’ll get up and say, aha aha. The other day he was running against George. I want to know is it George Bush 41, 43. George Washington? Possibly George III. What’s going on there?

Fredericks: Mr. Mayor, I mean I almost felt bad for him. When his did you see the look on Jill Biden’s face his wife the former second lady. I mean she was horrified. She had to go over and whisper Trump in his ear. She looked horrified.

Giuliani: (Laughs) But you know, there was one that was one way she was introducing him. I gotta find it where he’s walking back and forth behind her. He can’t stay still. He’s like pacing back and forth. the last time I saw that it’s when I went to visit my mother in law in her nursing home. I mean, it’s the guys just walking around aimlessly. What are we doing? It would be a joke, but for the fact that he’s a major party candidate for president.

And then I would feel worse than him if he wasn’t just a horrible crook and terrible father. I think I would spit in his face if I saw him. Look, he has a son who has a drug problem, right 30 years ago. He had a drug problem, right? You take that son and you put them in a nice easy stressless environment. You don’t put them in the middle of the five to six biggest criminals in the world so he can collect money for you. I know Mafia guys who treated the kids better than that.

Fredericks: I mean he turned his son into a bagman, right?

Giuliani: His son, was a high-level bag man and you know, what happens to a drug addict is a bagman? He becomes a degenerate drug addict because the pressure of that work is ridiculous. When he talks about on the tape that’s now been released is one of the major members of Chinese organized crime. He acknowledges the fact that the number two partner is a Chinese spy.

Why are you in business with a Chinese spy? Who the heck would be a business with a Chinese spy except for somebody that China has compromised. And another partner in that business Joe Biden. that’s the 10 percent business. That’s the business where they have the memo that says to H for the big guy 10 percent. So the only person who doesn’t know he’s the big guy is Joe because he can’t remember.

Fredericks: So how did they funnel money to him? Because you know in today’s environment Mr. Mayor, you can’t just move, you know thousands of dollars around without the FBI being notified. How did they funnel it to them?

Giuliani: But yeah, the FBI doesn’t, Joe Biden is immune from the FBI? They haven’t investigated a damn thing. I’ve given him information for three years. They happen to haven’t an interview a single witness. They haven’t subpoenaed a single bank account. That means Joe knows he’s special. Well, how do you do it? I mean here’s how you do it. It’s real simple. In fact, Hunter explains it on the hard drive. Hunter collects the money for 30 years.

He says this. He explains the whole program to his daughter if the media had the courage to cover it. He takes the money. Let’s say he gets 14 million from Ukraine. He pays the expenses of the family. He said I’ve paid the expenses of the whole family for 30 years. That’s the quote. And then pop requires me to kick back half to him. So he pays the expenses and then whatever is leftover he keeps half and he turned half over to pop. Now, I haven’t seen his bank records.

So I don’t know how he does it. I don’t think he does it directly. I do know that the Ukrainians are investigating four offshore bank accounts and they can’t get cooperation from the United States Treasury Department. They’ve been trying to get cooperation for four years. and they get from the Obama administration on they’ve been stiffed by the State Department and the Treasury Department.

There are people in government protecting it. There are people in government protecting him because as one of the Ukrainians told me, if you open it up, it’s not gonna just be Joe Biden. They’re going to be a lot of heads that roll in Washington. That is a quote from an investigator in Ukraine. I know a few of them. I don’t know the rest.

Fredericks: So Mayor Giuliani, why did Christopher director of the FBI, he had this for a year. They had the hard drive for a year. Why did they sit on it?

Giuliani: Because there is something wrong seriously wrong with Christopher Wray. I can’t say what it is. All I can tell you is the result. There is no law enforcement officer that is worth their badge that wouldn’t have immediately investigated this including the statement that is made on that drive that he constitutes a danger to children. And then if you look at the pictures on the drive and you wouldn’t investigate this in a minute, you should turn your badge in.

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Photo “Rudy Giuliani” by Gage Skidmore. CC BY-SA 2.0. Background Photo “DOJ Building” by Coolcaesar. CC BY-SA 3.0.



Thursday morning on The John Fredericks Show, host John Fredricks welcomed the former mayor of New York City and President Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani to the show to discuss Hunter Biden’s hard drive, Christopher Wray, and the dishonest mainstream media.

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