Virginia Star Reporter Corinne Murdock Describes Husbands Inspirational Gesture of Patriotism and Her Latest Story About Detroit’s Health Dept. Keeping GOP Poll Challengers at Bay


Live from Virginia Friday morning on The John Fredericks Show –  weekdays on WNTW AM 820/ FM 92.7 – Richmond, WJFN FM 100.5 – Central Virginia, WMPH AM 1010 / FM 100.1 / FM 96.9 (7-9 PM) Hampton Roads, WBRG AM 1050 / FM 105.1 – Lynchburg/Roanoke and Weekdays 6-10 am and 24/7 Stream –  host Fredericks welcomed Journalist and Reporter for The Virginia Star Corinne Murdock to the show.

During the program, Murdock explained her veteran husband’s commitment to his country by driving to Texas just to cast his vote. She also went on to outline her recent stories about voter dumps and how poll watchers were being kept away by a Detroit Department of Health official.

Fredericks: Joining us now live in the studio, Corinne Murdock. Corinne is a reporter and a correspondent with The Virginia Star, my newspaper. I love The Virginia Star and you are doing a great job, Corrine. Thanks for being here with us today.

Murdock: Yeah, thank you. And I want to clarify that I’m a different Murdoch. Eighteen Murdock. Not the Murdock’s that I’ve been selling us out.

Fredericks: So you’re 18 Murdoch, not Rupert Murdoch get rid of Fox News to put him out. Go on Newsmax. Great clarification. All right. So before we get into your story you had a great story in The Star today about a video that went viral. But before that, we were chatting last night and you told me something I couldn’t get over it when I went to bed. Tell us about your husband. You guys live in the outskirts in a suburb of Nashville. Between Nashville and Clarksdale, Tennessee. Your husband is from Texas and was a Texas voter. Tell our audience what your husband did in order to vote.

Murdock: He drove about 10 hours down there and went and voted. He stayed over at his family’s house and turned around and came back for school because he’s currently going to Belmont University and he’s a veteran. So he’s getting his degree right now. But he was like, you know, I got to get down there and vote. That’s just important. That’s what I owe to my country.

Fredericks: He didn’t trust an absentee ballot in the mail so he drove 20 hours.

Murdock: He did.

Fredericks: To cast one vote in Texas.

Murdock: He did. He said he’s like, you know, we’ve been going to the store, you know, if you can go to Walmart, you can go and vote. And he said if you trust the grocery store more than you trust your government why would you trust them with your ballot?

Fredericks: Or the liquor store.

Murdock: Or the liquor store. Exactly.

Fredericks: Just think about this, Corinne’s Murdock’s husband. So Jonny Cole drives 20 hours to cast one vote in Texas. I think that is an inspirational message. You know, we have young people in this country that they want to have a family and they want to have freedom. They want to have prosperity, they want to pursue their dreams.

So one young man drives 20 hours to cast one vote one time. Unbelievable. That should be an inspiration to anybody that gets a little down because you know, they don’t like what CNN says and they want to pull the covers over their head. Jonny Cole drove 20 hours to Texas to cast one vote in this election. You know, what we need a million Johnny Coles out there if we’re going to be successful. Tell your husband he’s my hero.

Murdock: I will.

Fredericks: I mean, I’ve never even heard of that. Driving 20 hours guest about that’s a true. That’s a true believer.

Murdock: Oh, yeah, he loved serving his country.

Fredericks: Inspirational for us all. Tell us about the story you’ve got going in The Virginia Star today.

Murdock: Alright, so a viral video went out of a woman who is a poll challenger and she was in Detroit at the I believe TCF Center and she was on Facebook Live recording how the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services came down and was barring poll challengers from entering or if they were leaving a room not letting them come back in.

She was saying that she reported some Republicans not being allowed back in. And fact-checkers actually came out this morning and said no, it was both sides people not being allowed in but this woman was saying they were telling them that they were at capacity and she’s on this video. And you can plainly see where she’s at. Nobody was around her in a 40,000 square foot building.

People were downstairs trying to do their jobs and trying to protect the votes no matter what you believe. I mean that was pretty much it. The fact-checkers came out and said, you know people both people were there on the poll watcher side. Now my concern is why they were borrowing any poll challenges at all. I mean, this is an important election, no matter what you believe.

Fredericks: So basically Whitmer was using her public health department to stop poll watchers from observing the counting of votes?

Murdock: That’s what it appears to be.

Fredericks: They’re using every lever of government to count the votes and darkness.

Murdock: Yep.

Fredericks: I mean, I’m just ask our listeners this Corinne if you’re counting votes and you want to be accurate and you want to be sure that they’re honest why are you making such an effort to do it in darkness.

Murdock: That beats me. That beats me John. I mean in this video she’s saying that she was actually watching some individuals, I mean both sides that were standing there and saying, “hey I want to challenge that ballot, and people from that District were ignoring the poll challengers. And I think that begs the question like, why are we rushing this? Why are we not taking a closer look at this.

Fredericks: So the poll watchers there in Michigan wanted to challenge certain ballots, which they have a right to do. That’s why they’re there. and the election officials just ignored them.

Murdock: Yes.

Fredericks: In Detroit, they just said well too bad screw you. So actually being there didn’t it didn’t matter because they wouldn’t let them ask a question.

Murdock: It’s what she was reporting. That’s what she was saying. And she was one of the officials that were helping make copies apparently for the GOP.

Fredericks: This is not going to be decided by partisan election officials or Governor Whitmer using her department of health to throw Republican poll watchers out. This thing is going to be decided in the courts. This is what banana republics do. Tell us about your other story.

Murdock: My other story was looking at the voter dumps or the ballot dumps that were happening. And there’s a lot of mixed reporting out there. There’s a lot of numbers that are flying around. And it’s all happening so fast, you know, you’re looking at these numbers coming in and then immediately these officials are turning around and saying, you know, we added a zero here. It was a mistake. We’re going to update that. Oh, you know, this just came in because we realized we forgot this.

And nobody can keep up with it and nobody can keep track of this. And you have to wonder like is this is on purpose or can people not just adjust right now to all these absentee ballots and we haven’t had an ability to put it in a system that can handle this. We covered a story just about a month ago and just followed up a week ago about up in Lynchburg where they weren’t able to handle that. And no matter what you believe the intentions were there they were admitting we’re overwhelmed and we can’t handle this.

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