Democrats Invite Voters to Exploit Georgia’s Weak Residency Rules to Stuff Ballot Boxes in Runoff Elections


ATLANTA, Georgia – Democrats are advocating for “blue voters” to become Georgia residents for the upcoming runoff elections. Georgia doesn’t have a minimum residency requirement, which poses a legal loophole for both parties. Democrats could drum up enough voters to match general election turnouts and flip the state, and Republicans could ensure their hold on two Senate seats.

Additionally, the state’s voter I.D. laws allow individuals to use an out-of-state driver’s license to vote. However, the law defines residency as “without any present intuition of removing therefrom [the fixed habitation].”

“A person shall not be considered to have gained a residence in any county or municipality of this state into which such person has come for temporary purposes only without the intention of making such county or municipality such person’s permanent place of abode.”

On Friday, Democratic activist and former presidential candidate Andrew Yang told his 1.7 million followers to go to Georgia for the two runoff races.

“The best thing we could do for Joe [Biden] is to get him a Democratic Senate. There should be a coordination of resources. Everyone who campaigned for Joe should get ready to head to Georgia. I’ll go. It’s the only way to sideline Mitch and give Joe a unified government. There isn’t much time. The earliest date for absentee ballots to be mailed for the runoff is Nov. 18. The registration deadline is Dec. 7. The in-person early voting begins Dec. 14.”

The next day, Yang announced his move to Georgia would be specifically for the runoffs.

“Great news #yanggang – Evelyn and I are moving to Georgia to help @ossoff and @ReverendWarnock win! This is our only chance to clear Mitch out of the way and help Joe and Kamala get things done in the next 4 years. More details to come but let’s go!!!”

Tamara Stevens, another Democratic activist who organized the Handmaids Coalition of Georgia, invited voters to become Georgia residents temporarily for the runoff elections.

“Hey all you Northern Democrats! You are all invited to spend the Winter in Georgia!!! Come on down and we will cook for you too!!! Y’allywood…start ramping up productions and get those West Coast Liberals here too!”

The process to challenge a voter’s residency is a costly hassle. Electors bear the burden to prove that a voter isn’t a permanent resident, and the board of registrars must first prove probable cause exists. On top of that, electors must present the individual’s tax records and mailing addresses.

Both Senate seats will appear in runoff elections. Georgia’s two Republican senators, David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, are defending their seats against Democratic candidates Jon Ossoff and Reverend Dr. Raphael Warnock.

Outcomes for the Senate majority favors Republicans currently.

Runoff elections are January 5th. Voters must be registered by December 7th, and may have three weeks of early voting.

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Corinne Murdock is a reporter at The Virginia Star and the Star News Network. Follow her latest on Twitter, or email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Andrew Yang” by Andrew Yang, and “Handmaid’s Protest” and “Biden-Harris Sign Waving” by Tamara Stevens.






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14 Thoughts to “Democrats Invite Voters to Exploit Georgia’s Weak Residency Rules to Stuff Ballot Boxes in Runoff Elections”

  1. Victor

    Amazing how you can misrepresent a tweet and write a whole article about it to rile up fake controversy.

    He clearly stated he’s moving there to canvass to help current residents get out and vote and encouraged others to do so.

    You can just ask him to clarify, instead of assuming the worst from 128 character tweet. Otherwise someone might think you have an agenda here to spread.

  2. Jim Thomas

    The right thing to do is change the law. If it can’t be changed and the Democrats try to exploit thru temporary residency, then the Republicans will be forced to counter. In that case Trump should hold a dozen rallies in Georgia and register the attendees to vote.

    1. Leonard Brown

      Fight fire with fire. All is fair in politics.

  3. Bob61571

    Hey, let’s all do a fly-in long New Years weekend in ATL. Everybody has a friend/relative in the Atlanta area. Just register by Dec 7, then early vote OR go vote with them on Tues Jan 5 2021!!! Be sure to show your out of state driver’s license and Flood the Zone…..(a GOP Cloward-Piven strategy….) Only way to fix all this fraud is to Exploit It and publicize it…..Then, maybe their crazy law can be changed.

  4. SkippingDog

    The state and federal governments have had 4 years to improve election security. Republicans in the federal government like the system just fine when they can manipulate it, but are outraged when their opponents do the same.

  5. K Vickers

    Does this genius realize Georgia is bordered by Alabama, Florida Panhandle and South Carolina?

    1. jamesb

      and a very red part of tennessee

  6. Dont spread fake news

    This is false.
    Andrew Yang has said multiple times they are moving to CAMPAIGN not to vote in GA.

  7. Otto T.

    Don’t be silly— volunteers aren’t moving to vote. If you’re really worried, you can check this clip out for more context!

  8. Tim Wallace

    Well, democracy had a good run. See you on the other side Comrades.

  9. Melia A Hitt

    Come on Georgia, this needs to be fixed. If you didn’t vote here for the general election that just took place you should NOT be allowed to vote in the runoff election. If this doesn’t get fixed we are inviting MORE cheating and it makes us look like ignorant southeners. I was born and raised in Georgia and the national spotlight is going to be on us. Get rid of that Dominion software and fix this loophole.

  10. GeorgiaPeach

    Here we go again. The donkey’s trying to steal another election. When is this nonsense and thuggery going to stop? Andrew Yang’s proposal to his followers and the public in general is border-line criminal.

    1. Jeremy Harris

      Andrew Yang never told anyone to move to Georgia to vote. He asked people to canvass just like they did for him in Iowa for the primaries. However, if the cheating Republicans wanted that loophole closed they could have done it in all the years they’ve been running things in Georgia. They’re happy to use loopholes when it benefits them, then whine when someone else does it.

      1. Mary

        Yes. That’s what always happens both ways. So when y’all were hysterical about Trump winning the first time and saying Russia and voter fraud and anything else, now you wonder why it’s unfair for Republicans to do the same?