Brian Kemp Tells Georgia Legislators to Move Past 2020 and Focus on COVID-19 During State of State Address


Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp delivered an optimistic State of the State address Thursday and proposed what he said were new ways for state officials to invest taxpayer money to counteract the effects of COVID-19.

At one point in his speech, the governor apparently referred to the November 2020 presidential elections and alleged voter fraud and other alleged voter irregularities.

“As we begin a new year, a new legislative session, there are some who want to look to the past, assign blame, settle old scores, and relive and relitigate 2020,” Kemp told state legislators at the Georgia State Capitol.

Kemp said Georgia must overcome “ridiculous and harmful conspiracies.” He said Georgia’s top priority now is fighting COVID-19.

Georgia, the governor went on to say, is well-positioned economically to fight the virus, more so than other states. He said he will soon propose a budget that furloughs no one, does not cut state agencies, and does not layoff large numbers of state employees. Last but not least, Kemp said he won’t propose tax increases.

“At a time in our nation’s history when jobless claims have skyrocketed, our unemployment rate in Georgia sits at 5.7 percent, well below the national average,” Kemp said.

“And in the midst of a global pandemic, Georgia’s economic development numbers have shattered record after record. Since the start of Fiscal Year 2021, our Department of Economic Development has announced the creation of more than 16,000 new jobs and more than $6 billion in new investment, with more than half of those jobs going to communities outside the metro area.”

Kemp spoke of a new PPE tax credit that he said incentivizes in-state production that ensures “we aren’t forced to rely on anyone but our own Georgia Made entrepreneurs for critical supplies.”

“I am proposing a natural next step to the PPE Tax Credit by expanding the letter of the law to cover pharmaceutical and medical equipment manufacturers. Georgia is home to some of health care’s strongest pillars with the CDC, several major health care systems, and premier medical research institutions like Augusta University and Emory. And as we look to a future on the other side of COVID-19, we should focus our efforts on planting more seeds in that good soil by spurring job creation from those industries that are critical to health care and building on Georgia’s momentum to become a leader in all sectors of the healthcare industry,” Kemp said.

“We’ve learned many lessons as a result of COVID-19, and one that we learned early on is that we cannot waste time in bidding wars with other states or foreign adversaries. No one nation should hold a monopoly on life-saving medicines and medical supplies. We should bring these critical industries and the jobs that come with them back to America and here to Georgia.”

Kemp also told state legislators that he recommends spending $647 million to restore funding to school systems statewide to fully fund enrollment growth “and hold schools harmless for enrollment reductions.”

“Those funds mean schools will be able to prioritize our students’ safety, ensure quality instruction continues, and stand with our educators in the months and years to come,” Kemp said.

“In a year when other states may face no other option but to slash education dollars, furlough teachers, and cut back on essential student programs, Georgia is restoring funding to schools, backing our teachers, and launching new initiatives to keep kids enrolled.”

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62 Thoughts to “Brian Kemp Tells Georgia Legislators to Move Past 2020 and Focus on COVID-19 During State of State Address”

  1. Bonnie Wall

    What a corrupt piece of lying crap. Too many questions about election integrity to not investigate yet this POS and the POS SOS Ratfinger along with the Dumbazz Duncan act as though it was all legitimate. If it’s so legitimate, just prove it. Let the investigators do their thing! You will forever be the “hero VICTIM” you claim to be. You won’t do that because you know of the corruption since you are the head of the evil snake. We will not forget!

  2. Barry

    Thankyou Georgia and especially the 2 scumbags Kemp and Raffensberger that lined their pockets with Dominion money and stabbed the american people in the back

  3. Eugene

    Recall Kemp, and Rafensputin…. they saw the same video everyone else saw of the election being stolen by Ruby and friends in Fulton county…. its over Governor Jackasss

  4. B. Baker

    I am thinking he is the one that should be moving on. Did he say this with a straight face? I attempted to email his office during this mess and it was blocked. He and Rat-burger have sold the State to the devil!

  5. Carl

    what is happening now is the Media and Dems are trying to silence what Trump proved in four years. the media is tass of old years and the Dem party, like this gov, are trying to silence dissension. like that phony unity speech by Biden. Millions will not forget this as we faced in the 19th century! California wants to split into 2 or 3 states. What we have today is 2 americas! that always leads to the 19th-century war!

  6. Sherry Bartley

    Remove that Stacey Abrams from Georgia government Brian Kemp and you go with her. Our vote has been stolen and you and that bunch of corrupt politicians in Georgia politics are responsible for it. No justice, no peace. Now you get out and rectify what has been perpetrated against Georgia voters as soon as possible. We will never forget it and we want you to make it right today!!!!

  7. Elaine Brown

    Wow! Kemp is totally compromised. No legitimate governor would totally ignore what just happened– especially when it’s your own political party.

  8. R Freeman

    RUBY FREEMAN Maybe the Governor could slip some money into the RUBY FREEMAN budget to investigate ELECTION FRAUD or at least ask Ruby Freeman and her daughter Shaye what it was they were doing. RUBY FREEMAN. Subliminal Suggestion

  9. Melinda

    Mr. Kemp, you and your administration has done nothing but cover-up your election fraud. Making a back room deal with Stacey Abrams makes you guys corrupt politicians and it stinks. Georgians deserve better than you and what you did to them is disgraceful! I can’t wait for them to vote you out! I will donate to their campaign. Americans will never move on or forget this. It’s a wound that will not heal, as Bannon likes to say.

  10. DespisesFRAUD YesterdayToday&Tomorrow

    Good God, what the walking and talking FRAUD that man is.

  11. Joe Kelenfy

    Kemp is either psychotic or just plain dumb. Not a good politician either…lost two senators, 1 president and the goodwill of an entire state….shrewd!

  12. Lawrence Peck

    The state legislatures need to set the record straight for history. Each state whose electors were stolen needs to decertify their votes even if it has no direct consequence. History needs to know if this election was stolen, that this Supreme Court is corrupt, and if this new administration and everything they do is illegitimate.

  13. Yvonne

    If Georgia doesn’t get to the bottom of those Dominion Voting machines, you’ll never have an election of any integrity there. As to his telling Georgians to move along..that’s what all the Republicans are doing in Congress. They want us to sit down and shut up while they rule over us. Watch out for that Nikki Haley in SC. She’s putting together a Super PAC of never Trumper’s who are going to be asking for our money. Plus she stabbed Trump in the back the other day at a Republican conference, another example of a traitorous Republican. I’ve had it with them. They screwed President Trump and 75 million of us!

  14. JG

    He will not be in office for a second term as he failed to properly follow the State and National Constitution with the election and the election equipment and methods.

  15. What did the judge rule in Henry County today about examining the absentee ballots?

  16. Mikey Serrano

    This man is evil and a traitor to the citizens of GA.

  17. LionelMandrake

    As Gordon Ramsey would say, fauckoff!

  18. Jon Hawes

    No the people will NEVER FORGET!

    1. PJ

      Kemp is a pathetic Human

    2. David Johnson

      The key word being NEVER!

    3. John Deardeuff

      RECALL @BrianKempGA

      RECALL @GaSecOfState

      RECALL @GeoffDuncanGA

  19. Autumn Fell

    Can this thing be recalled?

  20. Jack

    Mr. Kemp can move on if wants but this voter will not forget the stolen election!

  21. Dee Millionaire

    Never giving another dime to the GOP

    1. Carl

      Who cares! I dumped both parties after Reagan and became an Ind. Both parties are full of old greedy men who sell out the American people. Biden did it with China, the Clintons globally! Ind voters are the majority in America, if we unite we can remake America!

  22. CCColeman

    Should impeach Kemp.

  23. This is rich; from the guy who destroyed the election integrity of the entire state of Georgia, to preach “let’s just move on”. How can you Georgians unsee the voter fraud you allowed after what the whole world saw and “move on”?

    1. Psa

      They’ll get to see it again next election and the one after that and so on until they force change upon the elite

  24. Barry Bowyer

    No One is moving Sir……………….The Deplorables will do all to keep you from reelection

    Matthew 7:16

  25. Henry Hicks

    If any members of the House or Senate align themselves with the Governor on not getting to the bottom of the 2020 election fraud, they will find themselves out of work as politicians the next time they try to run or get reelected. We do not forget when it comes to voting. You saw that in the Senate runoff.

    1. Tom

      Yeah, right. What I saw was conservatives in Georgia, with their country on the line, lay down and give up. That includes you Henry Hicks.


    Kemp is such a lying scumbag. I can’t even stand to look at his face. I left the GOP precisely because of him and can’t wait to vote for anyone running against him in the next Governor’s race. Georgians couldn’t stand liberal Oligarch Loeffler, but we genuinely hate Kemp.

  27. John Nizio

    The GA legislature must fix the election system now. This is not about forgetting the past, settling old scores, its about fixing a major problem – mail in votes with no signature verification, ballot drop boxes, and dominion voting machines. This needs to be addressed and we should lite up the phones/emails of our representatives.

    1. Tater

      The problem is not the election laws per say as they were written by the GA state legislature with voter and ballot protections in place. The problem is the Chicom-owned SOS and his side piece in his office there and the corrupt activist judiciary who usurped the legislature’s constitutionally derived authority to determine election law. The legislature allowed themselves to be neutered by bowing to both the partisan hackery of Mark Elias and Stacey Abrams in that consent decree; and Rafensberger’s unilateral changes to election law and then compounded their problem by not reestablishing their constitutionally mandated authority when they later bowed to the wishes of Chicom compromised Brian Kemp and did not call a special secession. And unfortunately, now that fraud has been allowed to take root in GA, you are permanently a blue, communist-controlled state.

  28. John Herold

    Recall Kemp asap. Traitorous morons like this shall not be tolerated.

  29. Nuthin'Doin'!

    Nothing to see here. Just move along!

  30. Bill Smith

    Kemp look scared. He knows he’s toast.

  31. Carol

    The State of the S of GA is bankrupt…


  32. Governor Kemp,
    You will be primaries and defeated! You are a CCP whore.

  33. Shaun

    They need to do a full examination of the vote in Georgia and bring each person in under oath to discuss what they were told to do and by whom…

  34. Ted Wilson

    People aren’t going to forget what Kemp did.

  35. clayusmcret


    Hardworking, patriotic Americans are looking past the current batch of republicrats to the next generation of conservatives. Backstabbing go along to get alongs like yourself have a short shelf life in conservative politics. I look forward to financially backing your opponent in the future.

  36. Marc Jansen

    One thing for a known corrupt opposition party, along with its propaganda outlets to rig, steal an election, quite another for a member in high position of its party to participate! Never move on, never forget Georgia conservatives!

  37. constantvigil

    Keep on investigating the election fraud coup until every claim is fully investigated – for the rule of law.

    So if someone gets away with crime we should just ignore it ???

    1. R Freeman

      An idea. Since large media companies have determined that it is not permissible to discuss election fraud let alone say it then cancel them like they want to cancel you. Cancel your cable TV subscription, satellite TV or whatever you are paying for the provides them with revenue. NFL. Gone! Baseball! Gone! NBA! Gone! Do not invite these people into your living ever again. And definitely don’t pay them to come into your house and spit in your face. Just sayin.

  38. Ben Kenobi: These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.
    Sandtrooper: These aren’t the droids we’re looking for.
    Ben Kenobi: He can go about his business.
    Sandtrooper: You can go about your business.
    Ben Kenobi: Move along.

  39. JerO

    Whew, now I can hide my payments from the CCP.

  40. billy

    Legislators tell him to “focus on GITMO”

  41. Banana Republic

    Good bye Felicia

  42. Peter Van Der Haben

    Hope Kemp enjoys his last years as governor. He’s one and done.

    1. John Deardeuff

      Let’s make it his last months.

      RECALL @BrianKempGA

  43. bobdog

    Move along. Move along. Nothing to see here, folks. Please return to your homes and pretend nothing happened. Besides, COVID is far more important…

    WAIT! Look over there! A SQUIRREL!

  44. Aboli

    Georgia will soon be blue at the state and local level. Republicans will never hold office again.

  45. Eiland Helms

    Tough and controversial times is showing these politicians’ true colors. I’d trade the likes of Kemp for a Vernon Jones all day, every day. Just go ahead and change parties, Mr. Governor.

  46. Kevin Johnson

    Arrest this GOV from Treason! Traitor!


  48. Mac

    Kemp said Georgia must overcome “ridiculous and harmful conspiracies.”
    You’re a joke! The conspiracy is you thinking you’re an honest man.

  49. Wondering

    If there is a campaign to recall Kemp and others, how are you going to pull that off if the same election system is in place?

  50. Gary

    Well, Kemp has always been a firm believer in the proposition that once an election is stole- it should stay stole.

  51. herb daniels

    the forgotten man is the forgotten 75 million voters. but the machines that count your vote as a fraction are still there, & nothing has really changed,… just focus on covid & that way you won’t have to think about anything else…
    very sad, unamerican

  52. Yiddishlion

    Someone needs to tell this fool that his career in politics is over forever.

  53. John Walters

    1. Find out what happened to the Voting machine money. 2. DRAG HIM OUT