War Room: Bill Gertz Cites Why It Is ‘Clear’ Virus Came from Wuhan Lab


Stephen K. Bannon spoke with Bill Gertz of The Washington Times on the War Room: Pandemic radio show discussing why it was clear that the coronavirus came from a lab in Wuhan China and how mainstream news outlets attempted to shut him down.

Bannon: This guy is a patriot and a hero. Not just brilliant. He’s got a fantastic book out on China: Deceiving the Sky. He and General Spalding’s book are the two books I recommend if you want to understand China and the Chinese Communist Party. Bill Gertz. An American hero and American Patriot. The reason I want to have you on today, Bill, and we didn’t have time to pull your quote. Hopefully, we can do it for the show tomorrow.

One year ago today, brother Gertz, you came on this show in its first couple of days. I think our third episode. And you said you walk through a detailed analysis given your sources which are impeccable in China and in the intelligence community. You came through here and said hey, this came from the P4 Lab in Wuhan. The fresh market story is a misdirection play. The bat cave story is a misdirection play. This is PLA oriented. It is tied to their bioweapons program. Sir, I have never seen somebody so eviscerated.

These are the beginning days when the mainstream media was laughing at us for calling it a pandemic. The Washington Post personally came after you to destroy your career and destroy you personally. And just last week we’ve had the intelligence community and the secretary of state say yes. It’s a PLA and it’s from Wuhan and still the mainstream media refusing to do it saying you guys are racist. No, we support the Chinese people. It’s the Chinese Communist Party that has done this. Gertz, walk our audience through the story and then this current piece you have up in The Washington Times.

Gertz: Sure. So yes, the way it went down was on the 24th of January in 2020, this is early on. This is literally days after the Chinese Communist Party first acknowledged that there was a pandemic coming. I interviewed a guy named Dany Shoham. He’s a retired Israeli military intelligence doctor who studied the Chinese biological warfare program. And he told me and the lede of the story is Wuhan lab linked to the Chinese biological warfare program.

He suggests, and again it wasn’t solid, he suggests that the virus could have leaked from the lab. Well, you would have thought that I had reported something that was totally false. The Washington Post headline described it as “a fringe conspiracy.” USA Today went after me and as a result of that Facebook erroneously labeled the story as false information about the coronavirus.

Which by the way, they refuse to take down even though the State Department last week published declassified intelligence which had strong circumstantial evidence showing that this virus came out of that lab. The evidence, three things. First, there were several workers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology who came down with COVID like symptoms in the autumn of 2019. This is before the pandemic officially came out. Second, the lab was working on a virus, that coronavirus, doing manipulation in the lab with a virus that is more than 96 percent similar to the coronavirus which is causing the pandemic. And third and most importantly…

Bannon: Hold it. Hang on for the second one. I want to make sure. When you say manipulating, they were doing gain of function experiments, correct? When you say manipulations, it was gain of function experiments correct?

Gertz: That’s right.

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