Georgia GOP Wants State to Get Rid of Voting Machines


Republicans in Georgia are asking the state to do away with voting machines in the interest of election security, according to a Wednesday report.

“Georgia’s Republican party is recommending that the state get rid of its new voting machines and replace them with hand-marked paper ballots,” WXIA reported.

The state spent $100 million to buy new voting machines for every precinct less than two years ago, in 2019.

But after serious security questions from the 2020 election cycle, some of which have still not been answered, a Republican party study committee is recommending a return to the old fashioned way of voting.

They want the state to “return touchscreens, dedicated scanners and batteries” to Dominion voting systems, which uses QR codes to count votes.

Brad Carver, the Georgia GOP’s 11th district chairman reportedly led the committee.

“There is concern from Georgians on both sides of the aisle about QR codes and voters not being able to scan a ballot and know that when that ballot is scanned, that it’s actually the choices they made,” he said. “We want voters to have confidence in our system.”

The committee called for other reforms, too, like the elimination of ballot drop boxes, and an end to “no excuse” absentee voting.

Drop boxes were also a flashpoint after last year’s elections in Georgia. The legally required chain of custody documents for about 600,000 drop box ballots have never been produced, and tens of thousands of drop box ballots were not “immediately” delivered to election officials upon pickup, as Georgia’s election code requires.

Democrat state Sen. Elena Parent (D-Atlanta) agrees with Republicans on the issue voting machine issue, though she thinks they reached their conclusion the wrong way.

“It is very ironic that Republicans have belatedly realized that there is a more secure and less expensive method that we should have adopted two years ago in Georgia,” she reportedly said. “Hand marked paper ballots would have been a more economical and more secure system for Georgians.”

She said that Republicans are “belatedly” arriving at that conclusion, and that their reasoning – potential election fraud – is a “false narrative.”

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4 Thoughts to “Georgia GOP Wants State to Get Rid of Voting Machines”

  1. John Walters

    Use thumbprints for absentee ballots, and distinguish the differences between absentee voting and mail in voting. ELIMINATE THE MAIL IN VOTING, DONT LET DEMOCRATS CONFUSE THE TWO. THEY HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH EACH OTHER. And we have to get other states to do the same, or it will just be pushed onto other states, GET RID OF THE BOXES. WE HAVE VALID STATIONS TO VOTE, AND Democrats used to say, people couldnt get there, so they provided buses, taxis etc, now its CORONAVIRUS..GO VOTE AND YOU WILL DIE.. Garbage, if you dont want to show up in person, THEN YOU DONT VOTE. UNLESS YOU CANNOT PHYSICALLY

  2. Allen

    So now they are concerned because at least 30% of the Republicans in Georgia have lost an interest in continuing to support the party in 2022.

  3. John Walters

    Smartest thing I heard come out of the General Assembly in years. DO IT….ALL OF IT…YOU WILL BE REELECTED. DONT…Oh well, dont come crying to the public. AND ONE MORE THING FIND OUT WHERE THE 100 mil went…EVERY DIME OF IT…I bet we will be SURPRISED SURPRISED…

    1. Jamie

      Along with strict voter ID. And a small window for absentee ballots to be requested.