Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan Wants Moderation, Tells Georgia Republicans that Donald Trump is Not a Real Leader


Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan (R-Cumming) told a nationally-televised audience Sunday that his fellow Republicans should move past former U.S. President Donald Trump and forget passing certain election reform bills.

Duncan said this on NBC’s Meet the Press.

“We passed four election reform bills two weeks ago in the senate. As you mentioned a second ago, there is a lot of solutions in search of a problem. Republicans don’t need election reform to win. We need leadership,” Duncan said.

“Millions of Republicans are waking up realizing Donald Trump’s tone and strategy is un-winnable in forward-looking elections. We need real leadership and new focus, GOP 2.0, and includes moderate in the middle to get us to the next election.”

Duncan went on to say that what he called “misinformation” about the November 2020 elections hurts the GOP.

“January 6 was a pivot point for this country and party. We got four years to win back the White House. We are not going to do it with a divisive tone,” Duncan said.

“We are not going to do it, missing or solving big problems for real people.”

As The Georgia Star News reported in January, Duncan said he wanted legislators to discuss “serious, meaningful election reform” during the current legislative session, and he suggested state officials require a photo ID if people vote absentee.

Duncan, during a press conference at the Georgia State Capital in Atlanta that month, also pitched the idea of a statewide grand jury to monitor possible election fraud.

“Certainly over the last several months we have had a vigorous debate, one that I feel like challenged some initial progress to election reform because of the amount of misinformation and the amount of conspiracy theories that, quite honestly, were not true, unfounded, and debunked in a matter of seconds most times. But like every election cycle, I believe there is an opportunity to take some lessons learned and look for opportunities to make our elections even better,” Duncan said.

“We are going to take the next 40 legislative days to really examine opportunities to do that as we move forward. I think there are opportunities to not even have to think outside the box but modernize.”

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5 Thoughts to “Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan Wants Moderation, Tells Georgia Republicans that Donald Trump is Not a Real Leader”

  1. emmet

    he should join the demoncrats

  2. greg

    These guys just don’t get it, or care to.

  3. Allen

    Jeff Duncan must have attended the Erick Erickson seminar on the art of diversion.

    David Perdue won over 50% of the vote in November. But for the priority of seeing Trump lose, Kemp, Duncan and our SoS failed to clean up the Fulton County ballot adjudication fraud.

    The Republican Party in Georgia needs to clean house of these ________s, with Jeff Duncan leading the way out of the door.

  4. Be Ba

    And you Mr Duncan just might be wrong. If our last election was above board, why is there still so many unanswered questions. We have a right to ask questions and demand a fair election. Why did all this money from dark sources pour into Georgia and why the 3 or 4 largest counties and what was it used for? A lot of Georgians liked the policies of President Trump and look at the mess we have now in our country. You sure sound like a RINO and we have more than enough of them!

  5. LongRifle

    Georgia voter here, and I don’t believe I’ll bite what you’re selling. You sir are NOT that leader.
    If you want to take on election integrity, start with the 400K ballot chain of custody issues at large this evening, that still contrary to state law, haven’t been filed.
    Introduce a bill to permanently store and safeguard ALL Georgia ballots, in perpetuity, available for ALL to see, count, recount whatever.
    Explain to me again why the FBI was shredding ballots in Georgia. Explain to me why anyone shreds ballots in Georgia.
    Mr. Duncan – show me MY ballot. I kind of curious where it went.