Democrats Block GOP Bill to Test Illegal Immigrants for COVID-19

Illegal Alien Detention center
by Catherine Smith


Democrats blocked a bill sponsored by Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-IA), which would require the Department of Homeland Security to test all migrants crossing illegally into the country for COVID-19, Breitbart reports.

Republicans put forward a motion to block the previous question on a piece of legislation Tuesday that would allow for the consideration of Miller-Meeks’ legislation, the Requiring Every Alien to Receive a COVID-19 Test (REACT) Act. This bill would mandate that the Homeland Security Department (DHS) test all migrants crossing the border illegally that the DHS releases into the country, Breitbart reported.

According to a news release from Miller-Meeks, as of March 8th, the federal government released 185 migrants into Brownsville, Texas who have tested positive for the coronavirus. The release also said that current law does not require the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) or Immigration and Customs Enforcement to test illegal immigrants for coronavirus,” according to the report.

Currently only those who show Covid symptoms are tested and treated before release from custody.

The CBP is reportedly encountering more than 3,000 migrants per day, which is approaching the levels of the 2019 border crisis, according to the report.

Miller-Meeks said on the House floor Tuesday night:

This week, I traveled to El Paso, Texas, to meet with CBP agents and officers. I saw firsthand the crisis they are facing, and I believe it is our job in Congress to address it and assist them. Approximately 50% of agents have tested positive for COVID-19, and very few migrants are being tested. My REACT Act would require that every migrant released from CBP or ICE custody is tested and receives a negative test. Border security and immigration is not an issue that only affects border states, it affects every community across the country. By ensuring that individuals entering the country are negative for COVID-19, we can help keep our communities safe and healthy.

Democrats voted to advance the previous question, or against Miller-Meeks’ bill, with 212 votes in against and 200 votes in favor of the Iowa Republicans’ legislation.

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One Thought to “Democrats Block GOP Bill to Test Illegal Immigrants for COVID-19”

  1. Be Ba

    Why are these illegal aliens released into our country under any circumstance. There is a right way and laws on entering the USA. Charging across our border and demanding entry is a crime. Only in Obama world are illegals called “dreamers.” They are illegal and we have had to provide free public education and healthcare along with who knows what else free. These parents that brought them here should have to repay every cent and all should be sent to their home country. We owe them not one thing! Go try this crap in any other country.