Commentary: Today’s Real Systemic Injustice with COVID and Our Kids

by John Singleton


Black Lives Matter. Believe All Women. Everybody wants to be on the right side of contentious civil rights issues — that’s why the debate over what that “right side” is becomes so intense. But the most quantifiable systemic injustice in our nation today is not black versus white, or male versus female. It’s old against young.

During the coronavirus pandemic, abandonment of adult responsibility in respected institutions — medical, educational, and parental — is indicative of sweeping moral collapse. Making sacrifices for future generations used to make sense in a grown-up world. But baby boomers, those children of the ’60s who have controlled the country for 30 years, have desensitized our culture with their apathy and entitlement. Why should healthy children be held to the same medical standard as a 70-year-old “boomer” with multiple comorbidities? Why have young people, who beat COVID-19 quicker than the annual flu, been forced to surrender a year of their lives to satisfy the anxieties of a paranoid gerontocracy? The calculated hysteria of our politicians has accelerated institutional fragility, a condition of paralysis in which medical and educational leaders refuse to acknowledge prejudicial restrictions on the young and the healthy.

Cognitive dissonance on a massive scale prevents the population at large from grasping the atrocities being perpetrated against America’s young. Perhaps too many years of treating children like chattel has deadened the sacred trust between old and young. After the liberalization of divorce laws in the ’60s, convenience for adults at the expense of the young has become the new normal. Today, the abortion industry kills three million babies per year and trades in child body parts for profit. The transgender movement targets the dysphoria of teens and preteens confronted by a world that seems increasingly cruel and arbitrary. According to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, 800,000 children go missing per year in the U.S. with hardly a mention from our political masters.

Slavery exists today in America and all over the world, facilitated by a globalist elite that profits from the erasure of national borders. While politicians distract the public, arguing about sex and skin color, criminal gangs cross international lines, expanding territory for a corrosive, trillion-dollar empire of drug smuggling, gun running, and human trafficking.

Subjecting children to an indefinite state of emergency and thus harming their education has created a human rights disaster of unprecedented magnitude.

Meanwhile American industry is gutted and local businesses are locked down to facilitate a transfer of wealth from the many to the few. Shuttered small businesses lead to the destabilization of local communities and the dismantling of the middle class, but these realities are overlooked in favor of insulting media coverage about the redistribution of increasingly worthless government benefits.

Reparations grab headlines while a generation of our young is robbed of its education. National debt skyrockets as the economic future of our children is crushed like tropical sand beneath the toes of a “boomer.” During the pandemic the stock prices of multinational corporations have reached all-time highs as portfolio-wielding beneficiaries of artificially suppressed interest rates count their profits.

Major media outlets, owned predominantly by six conglomerates, stick to a relentless narrative of sex and race but are better defined by what they dare not say. Stories about outsourced jobs, election fraud, foreign influence on American politics, and human trafficking are censored by the mainstream media. For example, the sentencing of Keith Raniere, the leader of the NXIVM cult based out of Albany, New York, received ample media coverage. But did you know that Raniere was involved in child rape and sex trafficking? Somehow even Russia has mustered the moral courage to out Twitter on its illegal content, including child pornography, while our watchdog media sleeps. Facebook and Twitter have banned millions of accounts that ask uncomfortable questions about therapeutic cures for COVID, the downsides of vaccinations, and the dubious science of masks.

Children have shown an overwhelming resistance to the effects of COVID-19, so a new push for a pediatric vaccine should prompt questions from adult guardians. Dr. Anthony Fauci recently announced that vaccinations for high school students would begin in the fall of 2021. The 80-year-old top doc also unveiled an age deescalation study that would facilitate shots in children as young as six months by the first quarter of 2022. Never in the annals of medical history has a virus with 99.9 percent recovery rate elicited a child vaccination strategy on a national scale.

In our public schools, systemic injustice manifests itself in policies that require healthy children of all colors to continue to wear masks and social distance despite their resistance to the virus. School boards debate drag queen story hour while ignoring the humanitarian crisis unfolding right under their noses. Subjecting children to an indefinite state of emergency and thus harming their education is a human rights abuse of unprecedented magnitude.

Schools have been transformed into medical testing centers, crossing ethical boundaries with frightful implications for both education and medicine. While administrators create COVID dashboards, surveil wastewater, and congratulate themselves for stamping out mini-surges, indentured servitude reemerges right before our eyes. Desensitized by 50 years of treating children as objects, many are blind to the injustice. The younger generation could be headed toward a dystopian future of daily mucosal swabs and endless health checks leading otherwise healthy kids into spirals of despair and self-harm.

Surrendering control of one’s own body by submitting to arbitrary medical testing not only chips away at cherished civil liberties but also erodes one’s inner dignity. Our future is most certainly sick if children can be convinced that they are simply a collection of cells to be corralled and inspected for the convenience of a power-mad gerontocracy who cling to desolate old age over expectant life.

As Americans, we rightly take pride in our nation’s struggle for civil rights, but it’s time to look directly into the mirror. New versions of slavery thrive here and now. The sacrifice of the innocent is the world’s oldest cruelty because the young and the vulnerable don’t have the means to defend themselves. It’s a form of abuse that flies under the radar, too convenient to be systemically exposed and systematically dismantled. To break this destructive cycle, adults need to be brave, believe the science, and live up to the legacy of civil rights that has defined this nation since its inception.

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John Singleton is a technology entrepreneur. He is a graduate of Mount St. Mary’s University with a BS in Business/Finance and an MBA. He also earned an MLA from St. John’s College in Annapolis.









Appeared at and reprinted from The American Spectator

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