Georgia Mom Crushes School Board for Mask Mandates in Viral Video

Courtney Ann Taylor


A mom from Georgia is going viral after demanding that her child’s school board lift mask mandates.

“Every month, I come here and I hear the same thing – social and emotional health,” Courtney Ann Taylor told the Gwinnett County School Board during an April 15 meeting. “”If you truly mean that you would end the mask requirement tonight.”

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“This is not March 2020 anymore,” she continued. “We have three vaccines, every adult in the state of Georgia that wants that vaccine is eligible to get it right now, and every one of us knows that young children are not affected by this virus. And that’s a blessing.”

“But as the adults what have we done with that blessing? We’ve shoved it to the side and we’ve said, ‘we don’t care. You’re still going to wear a mask on your face every day. You still can’t play together on the playground like normal children. We don’t care. We’re still going to force you to carry a burden that was never yours to carry.’ Shame on us.”

Taylor became visibly emotional during several parts of her speech.

She told the school board that her six-year-old daughter has been asking for months when she’ll be able to take off her mask.

“It’s April 15, 2021, and it’s time. Take these masks off of my child,” she told the school board.

Several members of the crowd applauded after Taylor delivered that line.

She told the school board that she was aware that they would defer to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines, and likely brush off her concerns. Still, she made the school board members, all elected officials, take responsibility for their actions.

“We chose you to make difficult decisions for our children. We chose you to make decisions that would be in our children’s best interest. Enforcing five, six, seven, eight, and nine-year-old little children to cover their noses and their mouths, where they breathe, for seven hours a day, every day for the last nine months for a virus that you know doesn’t affect them.” She said. “That is not in their best interest, and this has to stop.”

“Defend our children,” she finished. “My six-year-old can’t come up here and say this. It has to stop. Take these off of our children.”


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