Commentary: Joe Biden Cost Georgia

by GAGOP Chairman David Shafer


Joe Biden’s visit to Georgia ostensibly celebrates the first one hundred days of his presidency. However, in reality, it marks Biden and his Democratic Party’s repeated lies about our election integrity law and the damage those lies have done to Georgia’s small businesses and their workers.

Last month, Joe Biden falsely claimed that our new election integrity law ends voting hours early. This claim was quickly debunked by The Washington Post who gave Biden “five Pinocchios” for lying.

Biden then double downed with his infamous ESPN interview two days calling on Major League Baseball to remove this summer’s All-Star Game from Truist Park in Atlanta’s suburbs. Two days, with an amen from Georgia’s own Stacey Abrams, MLB complied. Georgia small businesses and their workers lost out on $100 million in revenue. That’s countless jobs and paychecks going up in smoke due to the lies of a President. During a press conference a few weeks ago, Governor Brian Kemp said it best, “It’s minority-owned businesses that have been hit harder than most because of an invisible virus by no fault of their own…And these are the same minority businesses that are now being impacted by another decision that is by no fault of their own.”

The cancelling of people, places, and businesses did not stop with the All-Star Game. Various leftist leaders have called on the national public to boycott more Georgia business for, in their mind, not doing enough to pressure lawmakers on SB 202.

My good friends, State Senator John Albers and State Representative Barry Fleming lost their jobs as a result of the lies spouted about Georgia’s new Election Integrity law, all led by Joe Biden and Stacey Abrams.

Cancel culture is a terrifying new development in the left’s fight for power, but when it is brought on by lies, it becomes even more sinister. And the truth of the matter is that this cancel culture was led by our very own President.

While Joe Biden has bemoaned Georgia’s multiple weeks of early voting, mandatory Saturday voting and ease of voter registration, he has been absolutely mute on his own home state’s voting laws. As pointed out in The Atlantic, “Delaware isn’t an anomaly among Democratic strongholds, and its example presents the president’s party with an uncomfortable reminder: Although Democrats like to call out Republicans for trying to suppress voting, the states they control in the Northeast make casting a ballot more difficult than anywhere else.”

A recent analysis released by the Center for Election Innovation and Research labeled Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware near the bottom in terms of their access to early and mail-in balloting. Meanwhile, the Center for Election Innovation and Research ranked Georgia among the top states in country in regards to election access. Due to the state’s no-excuse absentee ballot voting and 10 days of early voting, Georgia is helping lead the pack in terms of voting access. With this law, Georgia Republicans are focused on making it easier to vote, and harder to cheat.

As Joe Biden visits Georgia, it is imperative that Georgians remember that his lies are having a real-life impact. From lost jobs, wages, and business, Joe Biden’s liberal rhetoric is just as bad as his liberal policies.

– – –

David Shafer is the chairman of the Georgia Republican Party.
Photo “Georgia Capitol” by DXR. CC BY-SA 4.0.









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