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3 Thoughts to “Georgia Politician and Activist Abrams Says She ‘Absolutely’ Hopes to Become U.S. President”

  1. John Walters

    HA HA HA

  2. Allen

    Voter ID does not undermine the right to vote by those who are legally eligible to vote.

    Voter ID does prevent those who are legally ineligible to vote from participating in voter fraud.

    Abrams shamelessly keeps on pushing a phony narrative.

  3. Be Ba

    Stacy Abrams is the very definition of a racist! She has the talking points down to an art and repeats them over and over. She sounds like a parrot that only knows a few sentences. Where is the Georgia people’s $2000 you, China Joe, Warnock and Ossoff promised? It was not $1400 – it was $2000.