Suzi Voyles Says Georgia Secretary of State Officials Pressured Her to Recant

Suzi Voyles


Fulton County, Georgia poll manager Suzi Voyles said this week that members of the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office pressured her to recant her declaring she saw potentially counterfeit ballots last November that favored Joe Biden.

Voyles said this when she appeared Wednesday on The John Fredericks Show. Fredericks is the publisher of The Georgia Star News.

Voyles said state officials asked her to go over her affidavit concerning potentially counterfeit ballots in January.

“There just was something that felt a little off,” Voyles told Fredericks.

“They had my testimony. They had my affidavits, and I couldn’t figure out what else could be said. It was very plain. It was very simple. It wasn’t a 5,000 page document. It was pretty well articulated in the document.”

Voyles said the nature of the conversation aroused her suspicions.

“As it continued on, it got to the specific box number and the batch numbers that were in question in that first affidavit. I’m thinking ‘Wait a minute. You have that printed out right there.’ There was nothing vague in my affidavit. It was very specific. I just felt it a little odd that if they were questioning me about my affidavit then they appeared to not know anything,” Voyles said.

“When they asked me what the box and the batch numbers were, rather than giving those I said I would have to go back and look at my notes, which was not deceptive, but I thought if they want to do their work [then] they can but I will not do their work for them. At this point I had lost all trust in most of the system. I didn’t know if someone would go to that particular box, open it and somehow tamper with the evidence.”

Georgia Secretary of State Chief Investigator Frances Watson responded to Voyles’ remarks when she emailed The Star News Thursday.

“After receiving the complaint, investigators from the Secretary of State’s office went to Fulton County and reviewed the batches identified by Ms. Voyles, but found no ballots that looked as Ms. Voyles described,” Watson wrote.

“Our investigators followed up with Ms. Voyles, who stated that she may have been mistaken about the batch number and provided a different batch number. The second batch number provided by Ms. Voyles did not exist.”

Voyles, describing her meeting with state officials in January, said “it was not my affidavit that was being questioned [but] it was me.” She said state officials told her she saw adjudicated or military ballots and that someone else corroborated her testimony.

“My supposed recanting has reared its head again in news articles. I have not recanted,” Voyles said.

“They did not try to make me recant. What they tried to do was confuse my testimony. I realized it was me under investigation, not my affidavit, not my testimony, not my statements, and I politely excused myself from the meeting.”

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