Georgia Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit Indicts Eight Members of Bloods for Human Trafficking Charges


Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr has announced that his office’s Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit has indicted eight individuals for 54 gang and human trafficking charges.

A Dougherty County Grand Jury returned the indictment this week.

This, according to a press release that Carr published this week.

“An investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the Office of the Attorney General’s Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit has revealed evidence supporting that, among other things, a victim was physically and sexually assaulted, drugged, held against their will and placed into sexual servitude by these known gang members in order to generate money for their gang,” the press release said.

The defendants, individually and together, are alleged to have engaged in repeated criminal activity in the following ways:

• Utilizing methods of control over a trafficking victim by engaging in forcible sex acts against a minor in order to establish psychological dominance and instill fear

• Photographing and posting a minor for sexual servitude online

• Transporting a minor for the purposes of sexual servitude

• Renting hotel rooms for purposes of sexual servitude of a minor

• Using proceeds from the sexual servitude of a minor to support each other and fellow street gang associates

• Using proceeds from the sexual servitude of a minor to pay dues to their street gang

• Using violence and threats of violence to maintain the street gang’s control over a minor

• Promoting and advertised the unity of the street gang by posting images on social media of associates of the enterprise demonstrating the allegiance and prominence of their gang

• Providing financial support and assistance to the gang’s associates

The Inglewood Family Gangster Bloods (IFGB), also known as the Inglewood Family Gang (IFG) and The Family, is a subset of the larger criminal street gang known as the Bloods,” the press release said.

“The Bloods formed in the Los Angeles area in the 1970s as a rival gang to the Crips gang which had formed a decade earlier in that same region. The Inglewood Family gang joined the Blood’s movement and became the Inglewood Family Gangster Bloods.”

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