Georgia Republican Senate Candidate Gary Black Takes Aim at Herschel Walker

Herschel Walker and Gary Black


Georgia Agriculture Secretary and candidate for U.S. Senate Gary Black launched a new ad on Monday and took aim at Herschel Walker, a potential primary opponent.

In the nearly 30-second ad, Black mocks Walker for a recent video released by the former NFL running back that hinted at a campaign launch.

In Walker’s video, he exits a car and says, “I’m getting ready.” He proceeds to bend down to highlight the Georgia license plate of the car. Walker has previously lived in Texas.

“I’m ready. I’ve been ready. And, Herschel, I already run with the big dogs,” Black said in the ad. “For fun, my ride’s a tractor. And I’ve had Georgia plates all my life,” Black responded.

In a subsequent statement, Black said, “If my old schoolmate from UGA wants to join the conversation here in Georgia, I welcome hearing his ideas. But it takes more than pretending to change your car tags. Move here, pay taxes here, register and vote in some elections and learn what Georgians have on their minds.”

The Agriculture Secretary has attempted to build strong grassroots support throughout the state in his quest for the Republican nomination. He recently raised $703,000 from more than 670 donors, with the vast majority of donors residing in the state.

Walker has been widely encouraged to run in the state that he represented while playing football at the University of Georgia. Former President Donald Trump asked Walker to run for the highly competitive seat earlier this year.

“Wouldn’t it be fantastic if the legendary Herschel Walker ran for the United States Senate in Georgia? He would be unstoppable, just like he was when he played for the Georgia Bulldogs, and in the NFL. He is also a GREAT person. Run Herschel, run,” Trump said in a statement in March.

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Photo “Gary Black” by Gary W. Black.



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5 Thoughts to “Georgia Republican Senate Candidate Gary Black Takes Aim at Herschel Walker”

  1. Allen

    Gary Black who ???

    Herschel has more credibility.

  2. John Walters

    Speaking up now he has competition. WE DONT WANT OR NEED ANOTHER CAREER POLITICIAN. GO HOME, OR BE SENT THERE. GIVE UP, NO MORE RINOS OR CAREER POLITICIANS….GO HOME..IF HERSCHEL RUNS, YOU ARE TOAST..You are anyway. NO CAREER POLITICIANS WILL WIN…We know all about you. Say what people want to hear, then 3 months later do whatever YOU WANT, foretting about who elected you, then a year before next election, here you come again, 5 YEARS IS A LONG TIME TO GET ELECTED FOR AND ALOT OF MONEY FOR DOING NOTHING. We want people that do things not say things. SO ALL IN ALL GO HOME

  3. Jim

    “Black said in the ad. “For fun, my ride’s a tractor” Yeah right! And I’m sure that those 670 donors ,or over $1,000 per donor, are just regular grassroots folk too!

    Black maybe a nice guy, BUT as a 10+ year Agriculture Secretary, he’s part of the swamp! Herschel Walker is a regular Georgian, who took his God given talents and made a good life for himself. He embodies the American dream, and would make a good US Senator.

    1. Anthony Tran

      You nailed it. Raising over 700K from 670 donors? Hmnnn….

  4. Be Ba

    Run Hershel Run!! Gary Black is a has been!