Georgia-Based Group Alleges Voting Irregularities in Cobb County


A group of about 30 Georgia residents who have formed the group Project Opal said this week they have identified certain irregularities in last year’s presidential election in Cobb County.

Project Opal spokesman Paul Nally told The Georgia Star News Tuesday that group members are trying to determine if criminal acts took place.

“In order to obtain the most reasonable facts contained in those questions they [Project Opal members] have sought the diligent inquiry and true presentment of the Cobb County Grand Jury,” Nally said.

Nally said group members have petitioned a grand jury to hear what they have found and to investigate further, if necessary.

According to his Twitter feed, Nally is a former judge and a former police chief of White, Georgia.

Project Opal spokeswoman Nancy Babbitt said on Real America’s Voice that group members are first line data analysts who have put forward their own money to request data from county election offices. She said group members started with Cobb County.

Babbitt said Project Opal members discovered the following:

• 168,922 early advanced votes had no chain of custody

• Tabulation tapes that support election certification results with 7,705 votes are missing

• Protective counters are not from the original machines

Nally said this matter should concern all Georgians.

“The answer lies in the unique character of a presidential election cycle and that is simply this. It is the one time when a particular situation is common to every citizen in the United States. What happens with a vote in Bangor, Maine or San Diego, California has an effect upon the value of a ballot cast in Georgia,” Nally said.

“That being the case, grand juries, whether state or federal, all have jurisdiction to start an inquiry in their jurisdiction, whether it is their county or federal circuit or their state. They can start in their jurisdiction making an inquiry, and then they can step across their jurisdictional line to inquire in other jurisdictions as to whether there is an impropriety over here that adversely affects the value of a vote here.”

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One Thought to “Georgia-Based Group Alleges Voting Irregularities in Cobb County”

  1. Allen

    Just more evidence that David Perdue should be a sitting Senator from Georgia.

    The top state Republicans were so intent on denying trump that they stabbed us all in the back at the same time by not challenging the 50% Perdue win in November.