Tea Party Patriots Slam Biden ‘Voting Rights’ Speech in Georgia


Tea Party Patriots Action and Action Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin slammed President Joe Biden’s speech in Georgia on “voting rights.”

In the speech, Biden suggested that he supports the effort of far-left Democrats to alter the rules of the U.S. Senate, eliminating the filibuster.

“The Democrats lied about the Georgia election reform law. Now they are lying about the Right to Cheat Act and the Pelosi Power Grab – two bills they want to ram through Congress because they know those bills will turn a temporary governing majority into a permanent one,” said Martin in an emailed statement.

Republicans argue Biden and congressional Democrats are using a proposed infringement on “voting rules” as fuel for federal legislation to overhaul the electoral process.

Notably, the state Biden chose to deliver the message has remained a target of progressives, as Governor Brian Kemp and the state legislature enacted election reforms last spring.

In addition to members of the Tea Party Patriots, the speech frustrated leaders across the state.

“The Tenth Amendment to the Constitution provides states sovereign rights. This includes their right to control their own elections! The Tenth Amendment is what protects us from a tyrannical government! The states joined the Union on the condition of states’ rights,” added Salleigh Grubbs, Chair of the Cobb County GOP.

“We have already witnessed the disastrous policies of the Biden Administration, created by the far-left establishment in DC who want to turn our country into a ‘one-party’ socialist country, take away the power of the people, and give it to the government. They know that controlling our elections is their only hope to stay in power and complete their goal of making America a communist-controlled country! We can’t let that happen. How is that working for Cuba? Venezuela? Russia?”

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