Patrick Witt Commentary: Election Integrity Will Save Our Nation, and It Starts in Georgia

by Patrick Witt


Election integrity lies at the very foundation of what it means to be a citizen of the American republic. The 2020 presidential election was badly marred by fraud, constitutional violations (both state and federal), and abuses of authority under the guise of public health. These problems were especially acute in our State of Georgia, which is why it is critical that we elect the right individuals in 2022 who will be bold champions for election reform and accuracy.

In recent weeks, our feckless and weak Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, has even been forced to belatedly acknowledge the enormous abuses of drop-boxes in Georgia in 2020. Thanks to the investigative efforts of True the Vote, evidence continues to accumulate of shadowy agents engaged in illegal ballot harvesting—the practice of collecting ballots on behalf of other voters—which is expressly prohibited by Georgia law. New video evidence, mobile phone records, plus the account of a whistleblower all point to a highly unlawful, coordinated operation to deposit thousands of absentee ballots in harvested bunches, often in the dark of night. In fact, according to True the Vote, 40% of these ballot drops occurred between midnight and 5am and involved thousands of ballot deposits.

It is entirely proper that the Secretary of State’s office finally opened a serious investigation into these bombshell allegations, but make no mistake about Raffensperger’s record on voter integrity issues. Secretary Raffensperger facilitated much of the fraud that tainted Georgia’s election results. He failed to maintain Georgia’s voter rolls; he sent out millions of absentee ballot applications to a voter registration list which he readily admits was riddled with inaccuracies and illegal registrations; and he collaborated with Stacey Abrams and Democrats on the ill-advised consent decree which weakened Georgia’s election safeguards. According to the Secretary of State’s disputed tally, Georgia was decided by fewer than 12,000 votes, meaning that any one of Raffensperger’s failures may have been dispositive. Now, it appears that electoral politics have forced Raffensperger into investigative action as he is poised to be defeated in the Republican Primary for Georgia Secretary of State.

After watching Raffensperger’s failures, I decided to run for Congress in Georgia’s Tenth Congressional District. I am, by far, the most credible candidate in the race on this foundational issue of election integrity. After serving in the Trump administration in Washington, following the massive problems with the November 3rd, 2020 vote, I voluntarily left government service and returned home to Georgia to serve on President Trump’s post-election legal team and fight for the truth. In that fight, our America First legal team faced off not only against corrupt judges and biased media, but also against the establishment figures in our own party like Raffensperger and Governor Kemp who allowed the disastrous election to occur in the first place.

On the topic of election integrity, many legacy officeholders and big donors of the Republican establishment simply ignore the persistent skepticism of Republican voters regarding the 2020 vote. But even CNN admitted this point in a recent article, titled: “Voters Who Think Trump Won Are the Most Enthusiastic to Vote in 2022.” The left-wing cable network conceded that among motivated, enthusiastic GOP voters, a massive supermajority does not believe that Joe Biden won legitimately. Among likely 2022 GOP voters, fully 86% do not acknowledge Biden’s win as accurate. So, despite the wishes of many Republican powerbrokers, this topic remains a burning issue of importance for America First voters.

Consequently, candidates seeking the support of these highly motivated “deplorables” must embrace election integrity as a foundational issue. In the race for Georgia’s Tenth District, I am that candidate, and I believe that both Washington and Atlanta must take decisive action immediately to restore confidence in the veracity of the vote. Specifically, I support three simple principles: universal voter identification, in-person voting except for valid excuses (e.g., military deployment), and a return to paper ballots. I have also called for a forensic audit of Georgia’s 2020 election results in order to uncover the full scope of the fraud, misconduct, and irregularities that took place in our state.

These common-sense election reforms are badly needed not only in Georgia, but across America, in order to protect the integrity of our votes and to ensure that the mistakes and injustices of 2020 are never repeated. I will be that fearless warrior for election integrity on behalf of the good citizens of Georgia’s Tenth District in Washington, DC.

– – –

Patrick Witt is a former Senior official in the Trump administration and member of his post election legal team. He’s currently running for Congress in Georgia’s 10th district.
Photo “Election Day 2020” by Phil Roeder. CC BY 2.0.






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