Greater Georgia Details Anti-Voter ID Curriculum Taught in Atlanta Public Schools

Greater Georgia, an organization focused on registering new voters and started by former Senator Kelly Loeffler, detailed an effort between Atlanta Public Schools and New Georgia Project to teach students about “restrictive” voter identification laws.

The New Georgia Project, which has close connections to Democrat Stacey Abrams, targeted approximately 2,000 high school students.

According to information shared with Fox News, the lessons encouraged the support of “past criminal convictions who have paid their debt to society” to have the ability to vote.

School leaders have praised the initiative:

“On behalf of Atlanta Public Schools, I am thrilled that Democracy Class Atlanta will continue to be a part of our student experience. Educating high school students about the importance of voting and engaging them in civics and the democratic process are invaluable steps in preparing them for college, career, and life, which is the heart of our APS mission,” said Atlanta Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Lisa Herring, previously.

Since her failed gubernatorial campaign, Abrams has sought to recruit and “educate” new voters, as she launches another campaign against Governor Brian Kemp. Despite her efforts, polls show Kemp in the lead in a head-to-head contest.

“Civics curriculum is an important part of an education that prepares students for lives of leadership and service,” said former U.S. Senator and Greater Georgia Chairwoman Kelly Loeffler in an emailed press release. “But allowing partisan groups like The New Georgia Project to advocate for liberal policies in the classroom is wrong. Schools fail to serve the best interests of their students when they promote a political agenda and push them into partisan activism rather than academic success. Greater Georgia is shining a light on the Left’s indoctrination – and encouraging parents to stay vigilant for the partisan groups that are infiltrating their classrooms and influencing their kids.”

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Cooper Moran is a reporter for The Georgia Star News and The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected]

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