Herschel Walker Reacts to Propaganda Article by Left-Wing Publication ‘The Nation’: ‘The Left and the Media Are Making Everything about Race’

Georgia Senate candidate and front runner for the GOP nomination Herschel Walker reacted to an article published by left-wing publication The Nation that trashes Walker’s status as a black man and Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate.

In a tweet, Walker said, “As usual, the left and the media are making everything about race. I’m going to win this seat because Georgians know I’m the most qualified for the job.”

The article, titled “The Herschel Walker Senate Campaign Is an Insult to Black People,” was written by far-left activist and justice correspondent for The Nation, Elie Mystal.

Mystal, who is black, also blasts the Republican Party for being attracted to Walker’s candidacy.

“There is no doubt that Walker, currently leading in the Republican primary for Senate in Georgia, has been promoted by conservative forces because he is Black. Georgia Republicans aren’t in the habit of nominating Black people for the US Senate. The Grand Old Party didn’t even nominate a Black person for the Senate during Reconstruction—when Republicans were progressives and Confederates were barred from government,” he said. “Not a single Black person was elected to the Senate in Georgia from either party, ever, until Reverend Rapheal Warnock ran as a Democrat—and won—in 2020. It is in direct response to Warnock and the emerging power of the Black vote in that state that Republicans dredged up Walker.”

Mystal said the Walker candidacy was a “white insult.”

“Herschel Walker’s candidacy is a white insult to Black people. It doesn’t bother me that Walker is a clown show—it bothers me that white conservatives think Black voters are entertained,” Mystal wrote.

Ironically, Mystal misspells Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock’s name in the article.

Jimmy Keady, a prominent national political consultant, told The Georgia Star News what he thought of the The Nation piece.

“I think there is this expectation from the Left that there should be no intellectual diversity in any minority community. So any time a minority Republican comes into prominence, for instance, the Left will attack him and their attacks will be based on the color of his skin instead of the content of his character,” he said. “This is basically the definition of racism.”

Keady compared this attack on Walker to attacks on U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) and Biden’s previous “You ain’t black” statement.

“This is just like Biden saying ‘you ain’t black’ if you don’t vote for him or liberal Twitter trolls calling Senator Tim Scott ‘Uncle Tim’. If you are black and Republican, Democrats think it’s up to them to decide what you are allowed to believe,” Keady said. “It’s a really ugly way of thinking.”

Mystal made national news recently for an appearance he made on The View promoting his book “Allow Me to Retort: A Black Guy’s Guide to the Constitution.” During the interview, he disparaged the U.S. Constitution. Host Ana Navarro asked Mystal if his purpose in writing the book was “arguing for throwing out the Constitution” or if he believed that it is a “living” and “sacred” document.

“It’s certainly not sacred, let’s start there,” Mystal said. “The Constitution is kind of trash. Let’s just talk as adults for a second.”

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Aaron Gulbransen is a reporter at The Georgia Star News and The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected]. Follow Aaron on GETTRTwitter, and Parler.
Photo “Herschel Walker” by Herschel Walker. 




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