The John Fredericks Radio Show: Senator David Perdue Highlights Georgia Governor Brian Kemp’s Broken Promises and Rising Crime Rates

Live from Virginia Tuesday morning on The John Fredericks Show –  weekdays on WNTW AM 820/ FM 92.7 – Richmond, WJFN FM 100.5 – Central Virginia; WMPH AM 1010 / FM 100.1 / FM 96.9 (7-9 p.m.) Hampton Roads; WBRG AM 1050 / FM 105.1 – Lynchburg/Roanoke: and weekdays 6-10 a.m. and 24/7 stream – host Fredericks welcomed Senator David Perdue who is running for Georgia governor to describe the rising crime and broken promises of incumbent Brian Kemp.

Fredericks: Joining me now is Senator David Perdue running for governor. He’s going up against Brian Kemp, the incumbent, several others in the race, Katherine Davis being one of them, Candice Taylor, one other one, and they’re polling at about 8 percent collectively, which could drive this off into a runoff if that number holds.

So we’re starting out in Dekalb County. By the way, Marcy McCarthy picked the crown up in the gutter in Dekalb. Now she’s running the thing. She’s got more candidates running into Dekalb County as Republicans than in history.

The decade Republican ballot. It’s like an accordion. That thing is so long. I’ve never seen somebody the DekalbRepublican candidates’ big shout out to the chairwoman of the Dekalb, Marcy McCarthy, who took the bull by the horns and made it happen.

#BAMarcy, you can do it, too, and take over your party and get all kinds of things done that are meaningful. Joining us now, Senator David Perdue. Thanks for being with us.

Perdue: Oh, hey, John. Boy, I’m really looking forward to your bus tour down here. I know you guys did the same thing in Virginia and got a great result. So I’m looking forward to you guys coming down.

Fredericks: It’s going to be big and we’re going to be hitting 25 cities in 13 days. So we’re going to be all over the place. And there’s nothing more fun than barnstorming Georgia. And I tell you the other thing center.

And you kind of know this from campaigning, doing the morning drive, and getting on the air at 6:00 a.m. It’s destructive and addictive. That’s what my wife always says. It’s addictive and destructive.

It’s destructive because, at 6:00 a.m., you get no sleep. You got to get up at four and it really taxes the body and you put on weight and all that bad stuff. So that’s where it’s destructive. But it’s addictive because you’re the first word in the morning.

And the difference between the morning drive and any other time slot is you part of people’s routine. Like you get up with them, they’re making sandwiches with you, they’re taking their kids to school with you. (Chuckles) I mean, you’re part of their routine.

A lot of people set their clocks to me. The first thing you hear when they get up is me. So it’s very different than any other time slot. And the 6:00 am to 7:00 a.m. listeners are so intense because they’re the people that are with you five days a week. So it’s going to be fun.

Perdue: What you are doing is what we did back in November 2020 when we beat the Democrats by 90,000 votes and produced 480,000 more than Brian Kempton in 2018. We’re taking the message to the people.

This race for governor is really a race of people versus politicians. I’m running against a man who’s been in elected office for 20 years. He has a sense of entitlement about this governor’s job, and he caved into Stacey Abrams and let us down.

I mean, the election in 2020 were rigged and stolen. He’s ignored the best interests of people in Georgia and things like Buckhead City and this Incumbent Protection Act. So we’re taking all of this message to the people.

And I got to tell you, it’s the same thing I saw in ’14 John. I have never done this before. When you do this, people respond and they’re responding around the state. I’ll tell you another thing. It’s hard for polls to pick that intensity up, too.

Fredericks: There was a poll that just came out the other day by Landmark, which is a joke. Half of these polls are push polls funded by the incumbent governor. So they’re absolutely ridiculous.

So they’re just laughable. The purpose of the bus tour is to educate voters. To get out there, tell them what your stands on the issues are, tell them what everybody else’s stance is, and get people fired up and get them engaged.

And I think when we do that, that’s why you’re going to turn the corner and you’re going to win this election. By the way, just everybody knows the bus door is totally outfitted by My Pillow. So it’s going to be fun.

And we thank My Pillow and Mike Lindell for that. And to get the greatest betting and the greatest slippers with the greatest deal, especially the Giza sheets, go to and put in promo code Godzilla.

And if you put that promo code in Perdue wins, guaranteed. Put in another promo code, not so much. Now, Senator, let’s get to the facts here. You put a press release out the other day, the facts on crime in Georgia. What is going on here?

Perdue: It’s out of control, John. This governor said he was going to round up illegal immigrants and get them out of here. Well, the fact is we have more illegals in Georgia today than in Arizona. Atlanta rates are up this year to date murders are up 40%. It’s out of control.

And at the same time, we have fewer state patrol troopers than we had when the governor was elected. So this is an area that the governor has just ignored and didn’t do what he promised us he would do, and people are worried about it.

And it’s one of the top issues people talk about. I mean, this is something that doesn’t need to happen. It takes attention, focus, and resources. And that’s what I’m hoping to bring.

What we really got to do is focus on the priorities in Georgia and not just reelecting career politicians. You say it all the time on your show. Being in the business world for 40 years, John, I was trained to look at results.

Unfortunately, these career politicians focus more on activity. And so the results are just what I just said. Murders and rapes are up dramatically in Atlanta. If you look around the state, 70 percent of counties in Florida, John, have a relationship, a contract with ICE to identify and deport illegal immigrants.

Georgia only has 3 percent of its counties who have that relationship. So this is a focus the governor should have had and promised to have it and has not done it.

Fredericks: Wait a minute. Say that again. This is the governor that ran on the platform of controlling immigration in Georgia. Give me that stat again.

Perdue: Well, first of all, we have more illegal immigrants today in Georgia Than the state of Arizona. That’s a fact. And the problem is in Florida, they’ve actually done something about it in Florida, 70% of the counties have a contract with ICE. They cooperate with ICE.

The counties cooperate with ICE to identify and deport illegal immigrants. In Georgia, only 3 percent of the counties do that. Now, that’s a focus coming from the governor’s office, and I’m sorry, the governor has just been asleep at the wheel until I got in here.

He was ignoring it for three years. It’s just like constitutional carry that never came up over three years. And then all of a sudden I get in the race and he now says, oh, yeah, I forgot. We got to do that, too.

So this is a guy that promises has not delivered in addition to caving in and losing two Senate seats to the radical left here in Georgia, he’s let us be overrun with illegal immigrants as well even though he promised he would protect us.

Listen to the interview:

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