Attorney General Candidate John Gordon: ‘If the Local Prosecutor Won’t Do Their Job, I’ll Do It for Them’

Atlanta, Georgia – Trump-endorsed candidate for Georgia attorney general John Gordon told The Georgia Star News at an Atlanta stop of the Real Georgia Speaks Team Trump Bus Tour that if he is elected and a local prosecutor doesn’t do their job then he “will do it for them.”

“I’ve worked hard for my family and now I want to work hard for the people of Georgia. I want to work hard to protect their constitutional liberties, especially the vote. I want to protect our communities,” said Gordon in response to a question about why he is running. “If I’m elected attorney general, there will not be rioting and looting in Buckhead. People will not get off scot-free. If the local prosecutor won’t do their job, I’ll do it for them.”

“We’ll also stop the influx of fentanyl into our state,” continued the candidate. “I’m told there is enough fentanyl to kill 75 percent of Americans. That is a staggering, sobering statistic. We’ve got to wake up and push back hard on illegal drugs entering our state.”

Gordon discussed the importance of protecting children in Georgia from indoctrination.

“I want to protect our children. We are not going to allow educators to indoctrinate our children on Critical Race Theory. If they attempt to do so, I will seek an injunction against them,” he said.

The candidate additionally talked about protecting children from abuse and being exposed to gender and sexual issues without parental consent.

“We will also protect children by prosecuting as child abusers, anyone who dares teach gender identity without the involvement of the parents and the family doctor. Anybody under 18 that they counsel on gender identity, we’re going to prosecute them,” Gordon said.

Gordon told The Star News that he has had many positive interactions while campaigning.

“Every time I meet a new group of people, the response is overwhelmingly positive,” he said. “The common theme that I hear repeatedly is that ‘you are an answer to our prayers, we’ve given up, and you’ve given us hope.’ That is the greatest compliment that people could pay. I’m working as hard as I know how to work to justify the confidence in the people that want to help us.”

Gordon is running against incumbent Attorney General Chris Carr.

The primary is on May 24.

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Photo “John Gordon” by John Gordon.




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