Trump-Endorsed GA-6 Candidate Jake Evans: ‘Finish the Wall’

Jake Evans, the Trump-endorsed candidate in the May 24 Republican primary for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District seat, said “We’ve got to finish the wall.”

Evans’ comments come as part of a wide-ranging conversation that he had with The Georgia Star News.

The Star News asked Evans about border security and immigration.

“First, we’ve got to finish the wall. You’ve got to think about the supreme hypocrisy of Democrats. They say ‘walls don’t work,’ and then they build a fence around the Capitol,” he said. “Whenever it fits their narrative, the Democrats take a certain stance and whenever it doesn’t, they take the exact opposite stance.”

“We’ve got to support our border agents. We’ve got to enforce our immigration laws. I think so much of it is that we are not enforcing our laws on the books,” he added.

Evans blames “wokeism” for at least part of the policy woes the Democrats have inflicted on the United States on immigration and border security.

“If these folks come over illegally, we are housing them. We are providing them with free food, free services, and it’s because we are folding to this wokeism. We’re folding to this fake, false rhetoric that the Democrats are jamming down our throats,” continued the 6th district Republican candidate.

“Its very common sense at the end of the day. We need an immigration system that is based on merit,” he added.

Evans described the problem as a blessing and responsibility.

“We are very blessed because, unlike some parts of the world where they have to build walls to keep people in, here in the United States we have to build walls to keep people from entering this country illegally,” he said. “It is a blessing and also a responsibility. We want to bring in productive members of society, not folks that are going to be destructive or going to bring in illegal substances.”

The candidate concluded the discussion by highlighting the fentanyl crisis that has been brought on by the porous southern border.

“More of our youth died of fentanyl overdoses than they did of COVID last year,” he said. “This is a serious epidemic and something that we’ve got to take on strongly and be loud about. We can’t continue to fold to a lot of the emotional impulses that the Democrats try to tap into.”

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Aaron Gulbransen is a reporter at The Georgia Star News and The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected]. Follow Aaron on GETTRTwitter, and Parler.
Photo “Jake Evans and Donald Trump” by Jake Evans.

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