Georgia CD-6, HD-24, and HD-28 Primary Runoff Candidates to Attend Stump Speech and Cookout Saturday

Georgia primary runoff election candidates from Congressional District 6 and State House Districts 24 and 28 will attend a stump speech and cookout event on Saturday hosted in Cumming by the Forsyth County Republican Party (FCRP).

“Join us for a family cookout of hamburgers and hot dogs while we hear from our runoff candidates,” said the Forsyth County GOP in a weekly online update.

Georgia primary runoff candidates Jake Evans and Rich McCormick from Congressional House District 6, Carter Barrett and Sheri Gilligan from State House District 24, as well as Brent Cox and Julie Tressler from State House District 28 are scheduled to attend.

“Come get to know those seeking to represent you while getting to know other like-minded conservatives,” the group’s announcement said.

The annual Forsyth stumping event will take place at the McDonald & Son Community Room at 150 Sawnee Dr. in Cumming, Georgia, and run from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Tickets are available in advance for $5 for general admission, while attendance is free for children under 10 years of age. FCRP contributing members are granted free admission as well, and can RSVP before the event in Cumming.

Forsyth County Republican Party members who wish to renew their membership can do so on the party’s website, where they also can sign up to be a poll watcher or determine their polling location.

Trump-endorsed candidate Jake Evans will go head-to-head against Rich McCormick to determine the House Representative from the newly-formed 6th Congressional District. Evans just criticized McCormick’s stance on the Second Amendment in an appearance on The John Fredericks Show on Tuesday.

“In my opinion, we’ve got to protect our second amendment. We’ve got to support our law enforcement. That’s the type of true, unafraid, America First fighter/constitutional warrior that the 6th district is yearning for and needs,” Evans said in a recent video.

McCormick responded in a tweet posted on Tuesday writing, “Fake Jake Evans will say anything to advance his career.”

Sheri Gilligan and Carter Barrett will compete for the State House nomination in District 24.

“For Forsyth County to see results from our state capital, we need to replace Sheri Gilligan. Our problems have been ignored for too long because of her inaction,” said State House 24th district candidate Barrett on Wednesday.
Gilligan expressed support for military service members on Monday.
“We owe a great debt to our fallen heroes. We don’t know them all but we do owe them all,” said Gilligan in a statement on Memorial Day.
In District 28, Julie Tressler and Brent Cox are the candidates for the primary runoff.
“The District 28 race isn’t over yet – we now have a runoff campaign to win! I hope those of you who have supported me this far will support me again in the runoff next month,” wrote Tressler in a statement to supporters.
House District 28 candidate Brent Cox announced he had received an endorsement from a former opponent in the 28th district.
“My friend and former House 28 competitor Blake McClellan has endorsed our campaign! Thank you, Blake, for recognizing the need for strong conservative leadership in Forsyth and Hall counties. I look forward to campaigning with you.” said Brent Cox in a Facebook post on Tuesday.

Early voting for the primary runoff election is June 13 to the 17th, and the last day to submit an absentee ballot application is June 10th.

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Photo “Jake Evans (Left)” by Jake Evans. Photo “Sheri Gilligan (Second from Left)” by Sheri Gilligan. Photo “Julie Tressler (Third from Left)” by Julie Tressler. Photo “Brent Cox (Fourth from Left)” by Brent Cox. Photo “Richard McCormick (Fifth from Left)” by Richard McCormick. Photo “Carter Barrett (Sixth from Left)” by Carter Barrett.  




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