Biden Administration to Alter Title IX Regulations in Favor of ‘Transgender’ Students

by Eric Lendrum


On Thursday, the Biden Administration’s Education Department announced its proposed changes to Title IX that would drastically affect school athletics across the country, in the name of protecting “transgender” rights.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, the proposed changes would completely eliminate the concept of gender-specific sports and spaces, such as restrooms and locker rooms, and would allow students to freely use whichever facilities they feel like. The new regulations would also label any instances of someone not using proper “pronouns” as sexual harassment.

The Biden Education Department did refrain from issuing a definitive rule on letting biological men compete in women’s sports, and the announcement of these new changes itself was delayed in the past, hinting at some hesitation within the White House due to the widespread unpopularity of transgenderism.

“A shift from biological sex to gender identity means that girls and women will be forced to accept the presence of biological males in what have always been single-sex spaces.” said Erika Sanzi, a spokeswoman for the education watchdog group Parents Defending Education. “Dignity and respect matter for everyone but so do fairness and safety, and these proposed changes represent a total rejection of fairness and safety in the name of ideology.”

In addition, the Biden Administration had already announced the reversal of several other key Trump-era reforms to Title IX, which had significantly increased the rights of students who are accused of wrongdoing on campus, particularly with regards to allegations of sexual harassment. Whereas the Trump Administration made the process for handling such allegations more akin to the actual legal system with an “innocent until proven guilty” mentality, Biden reversed the policy back to the Obama-era approach of “guilty until proven innocent,” with greater burdens on the accused and greater authority on the individual Title IX coordinators.

“The Biden administration made the decision to deliberately target the rights of accused students,” said Sanzi.

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Eric Lendrum reports for American Greatness. 




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