Nebraska Voters Overwhelmingly Pass Major Voter ID Measure

by Just the News Staff


Nebraska voters on Tuesday voted overwhelmingly to institute a new voter identification measure, amending the state’s constitution to require valid photographic ID in all elections moving forward.

The measure “amend[s] the Nebraska Constitution to require that, before casting a ballot in any election, a qualified voter shall present valid photographic identification in a manner specified by the Legislature,” according to state general election ballots.

By Wednesday afternoon, with 99% of votes in, 66% of voters had voted in favor of that proposal, with around 420,000 in favor compared to about 215,000 opposed.

The initiative had been spearheaded in large part by the group Citizens for Voter ID; that organization is bankrolled heavily by Marlene Ricketts, the mother of state Gov. Pete Ricketts.

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Photo “Nebraska Capitol” by Nanilluc. CC BY-SA 4.0.



Reprinted with permission from Just the News

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