Arizona Gubernatorial Frontrunner Kari Lake Says She Has Confidence in Senate President Karen Fann to Complete Election Audit

JASPER, Georgia – Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake told The Georgia Star News Friday she maintains confidence in Arizona Senate President Karen Fann, despite some doubts in her ability to adequately complete the 2020 election audit.

“I do have confidence in Karen,” Lake told The Star News. “I’ve seen a few things that have made me pause a bit, but don’t forget, she’s the one who got things going.”

During a campaign stop to support David Perdue’s challenge to Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp at the Appalachian Gun & Range, Lake discussed the ballot audit and the progress Fann has made so far.

Lake said that if the Arizona election audit was indeed just, the possibility of election decertification or a new election is not off the table. She said, “I just heard some sound of [Karen Fann’s] last week, where she was talking about what she believes [Mark] Brnovich, our AG, needs to do, which is, tell the courts that the election audit was fair.”

Lake stated that if Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich does, indeed, believe the election audit was fair, then the judges and courts “have no choice” and must “rule that whole election fraudulent.”

The Arizonan mother of two added, “I don’t know what they’ll say. Maybe we decertify. Maybe we have a new election. But we have to do something. We cannot allow a presidential election to be stolen. We don’t just sweep that under the rug. And it’s causing chaos.”

Kari Lake shared with The Star News some of her concerns about future generations’ trust in the American electoral process and the non-partisan nature of the need for integrity throughout.

“My daughter’s going to be voting for the first time this year. And I really want her to be able to vote in an honest election where she knows her vote counts. And I don’t care if you’re Democrat, I don’t care if you’re independent or if you’re Republican, I want you to know that your vote counts,” Lake said.

“I know people want to sweep it under the rug. They don’t want to pull it out because of the chaos it will cause. But we’re already in chaos. And we’re never going to have this country come together if we don’t have honest selections. That’s all we want. I want them for my children,” Lake said.

Despite Kari Lake’s apprehension, however, she affirmed her confidence in the possibility of restoring the Arizona public’s trust in the state’s ability to ameliorate the current electoral quagmire.

“We can do things to fix this, and it’s not that hard. But we need to have the will to do it,” Lake said; adding, “And we need to have the right people in office who are willing to do the hard work for the people of Arizona.”

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