TRUMPDATE: Latest from the Team Trump Virginia Campaign for October 22


Welcome to the Thursday edition of our daily Virginia Trump campaign update! We will provide our readers with daily updates on the Trump Virginia campaign from today to November 3 (and after…if need be!).

It’s officially 12 days until the election on November 3 – and nine days until early voting in Virginia closes. President Trump meets Joe Biden in the final presidential debate TONIGHT. The deadline to request a mail-in ballot in Virginia is Friday.

Voters will have one final opportunity tonight to see both Trump and Biden on the same stage and hear from both candidates before the polls close on November 3.

Expect the president to be on the offensive just like he was in the first debate. Biden will likely regurgitate the same lines before about how the president hasn’t properly handled the COVID-19 pandemic, how he supports racists and white supremacists and how the president has ultimately hurt the American people more than he’s helped.

But the numbers remain on Trump’s side. The record low unemployment for communities of color, the rebound of the stock market, tax breaks for middle class Americans, and health care will be among the topics Trump will touch on over the course of the 90-minute debate.

If you’re in the Virginia Beach area tonight, be sure to join John Fredericks, chairman of the Trump Virginia Delegation, and Republican candidate Scott Taylor at the Trump Virginia Beach Headquarters (2955 Virginia Beach Blvd. Suite 105 Virginia Beach, VA) for a debate watch party and rally.

CBS plans to air an election special featuring exclusive interviews with the candidates on Sunday night. Lesley Stahl visited The White House and interviewed Trump. But much like the line of questioning the president faced in his NBC town hall with Savannah Guthrie last week, Stahl’s questions for Trump will aim to paint him in a negative light in front of a national audience a mere nine days before the end of the election.

Trump took to Twitter letting the public know his thoughts on the interview, even going as far to say he will have the full interview aired before Sunday night.

While the president has spent the last 10 days on the campaign trail, appearing and speaking to supporters at massive rallies across the country, Biden has remained at home. The Biden campaign called on former President Barack Obama to try and appeal to voters on Joe’s behalf.

“Joe Biden is clearly not up to the rigors of campaigning for president, so he’s calling in Barack Obama as a reinforcement,” said Tim Murtaugh, Trump 2020 communications director. “There’s a reason Obama waited until there were no Democrats left in the primaries before he finally endorsed Joe Biden. It’s because Biden has been a failure for 47 years in Washington and is now compromised by the Communist Party of China. And Obama can’t help Biden defend his own record of putting foreign interests ahead of working Americans in bad trade policies, crushing our energy jobs under massive regulations, killing manufacturing jobs, and refusing to enforce our borders.”

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John Fredericks is the publisher and editor-in-chief of The Virginia Star.
He is also a Trump 2020 delegate and the chairman of the Trump Virginia Delegation.


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