Fulton County, Georgia Dominion Voting Systems Technician Files Affidavit Alleging Absentee Ballot Irregularities, Potential Fraud


A Fulton County voting technician stepped forward as another whistleblower, alleging severe mishandling of mail-in ballots. The Dominion Voting Systems (Dominion) certified technician, Bridget Thorne, swore in an affidavit that the ballots weren’t handled securely at State Farm Arena.

Thorne stated that their testing and calibration process involved printing series of “test ballots” on actual ballot paper, making them “indistinguishable” from live ballots.

“Over the entire course of my experience, these test ballots were handled by Dominion employees in a haphazard and careless way,” she said. “At times there were stacks of ‘test ballots’ unsecured all over the facility. I am personally aware that some batches of test ballots were lost during the process and I was required to reprint entire polling districts test ballots a second time.”

Thorne also stated that she’d witnessed another worker generating random ballots rather than test ballots. She alleged that Dominion personnel stacked live ballots haphazardly; she added that those ballots were left unattended for periods of time and not transported using two-person security.

Further, Thorne swore that her regional supervisor informed her and other poll managers that  they would have American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) personnel serving as absentee ballot “clerks.” According to her affidavit, none of the officials explained why initially. When confronted, elections official Richard Barron reportedly told Thorne that the regional supervisor wasn’t supposed to mention ACLU.

“He gave me the impression that the supervisor should not have mentioned the ACLU,” the voting technician said. “He said, ‘She shouldn’t have said that [meaning ACLU clerk]. She should have just said you are having absentee clerks,’ or words to that effect. I looked on the Atlanta ACLU website and they were advertising to have people come to volunteer as absentee clerks.”

After that, Thorne asserted that one ACLU clerk she met had access to the voter database via her personal laptop to clear an absentee voter since the password was missing for the county-assigned laptop.

While on Fox and Friends, Thorne shared further details about the warehouse handling early voting ballots. She alleged that there weren’t oaths administered, not enough people were reviewing ballot batches, and transport boxes of ballots were left unattended on the floor. She added that Dominion staff running the warehouse after 24 employees were quarantined for COVID-19.

Fulton County has made headlines for a number of issues and irregularities since Election Day. Most recently, the county neglected to adhere to the timeline outlined in the Georgia Code for open records requests. The earliest that county officials promised to release drop-boxed absentee ballot chain of custody records comes one day before Presidential Inauguration Day and two weeks after the state’s runoff election.

Just last week, the county had to re-scan more than 12,000 ballots due to “unexplained technical problems.” Several days prior, their Dominion servers crashed due to mismanagement of the machines, effectively delaying the recount for several hours.

Additionally, another Dominion technician for Fulton County was Democratic candidate Kamala Harris’s longtime photographer Aric Thompson. Apparently, Harris trusted Thompson enough to designate him as her 2019 presidential campaign photographer.

Last month, the county had to re-scan ballots because the number of scanned ballots didn’t reflect the total received.

The state of Texas filed a lawsuit Tuesday over the election irregularities in Georgia, as well as in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

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