Google Suspends Ads for Bipartisan Supreme Court Advocacy Group


A bipartisan group that advocates for an independent Supreme Court is crying foul after Google allegedly refused to place their online advertisements.

“Keep Nine, a bipartisan organization that advocates for an independent Supreme Court,has had its Google ads suspended in an arbitrary move by the website,” ValueWalk reported. “According to Google, the ad was disapproved because of a ‘Sensitive Event’ surrounding the election, that event being Joe Biden’s inauguration as president Wednesday.”

In a statement, Keep Nine said that it is “comprised of former state Attorneys General and elected officials from both major American political parties.”

It blasted Google for targeting it, in what is the latest round of censorship from Silicon Valley tech giants.

Keep Nine said:

“This is beyond absurd. Keep Nine is and always has been an organization dedicated to bringing Americans together over an issue that we believe should concern Americans of all persuasions. The fact Google would feel the need to take down our ads on the grounds that it might somehow be insensitive to the inauguration is both arbitrary and downright bizarre. Moreover, it couldn’t be more ironic given that President Biden’s core message in his address was the need for more unity.”

The ad ban comes during a time when many suspect that Democrats, who control both chambers of the U.S. Congress and the presidency, might consider adding more Justices to the Supreme Court, a practice known as “court packing.”

Wednesday the Biden administration announced that it will begin staffing a commission on “court reform,” which will be “housed under the purview of the White House Counsel’s office,” according to Politico. 

Court packing became a major issue during Biden’s campaign against former President Donald Trump, after the U.S. Senate, then controlled by the GOP, confirmed Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court late in Trump’s term.

Biden mostly dodged the issue, but raised the idea of commission for “court reform” in October.

Trump nominated and confirmed three new Supreme Court Justices during his tenure in office, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Barrett.

Though judges at every level are supposed to remain politically neutral, many lamented that Trump’s appointees were conservative in nature, which they believe could hurt left-wing causes that might arise before the Supreme Court.

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